Cultivate the arts: Intensive

Cultivate the arts: intensive is a professional development program for emerging and established artists who reside in the Moreton Bay region.

Now in it's second year the program facilitates networking amongst participants, and delivers practical skill development workshops relating to professional and business development.

Successful participants have the opportunity to engage with relevant information, practical training and business tools plus tailored support to realise and achieve their professional goals.

"Hugely inspiring - not only the content but the relationships formed and the trust and acceptance." 2017 Participant

"I can see my goal and reach it because of the benefits from this program." 2017 Participant

"I have learnt skills that I can implement during the times I feel 'stuck' to re-establish my priorities and the direction I should go." 2017 Participant

Arts and culture play an important role in the economic development and lifestyle of the Moreton Bay region. Cultivate the arts: intensive supports the creative community to realise its full potential and to showcase the diverse creative talents of our region.

Cultivate the Arts: Intensive - 2017 Programs

The inaugural Cultivate the arts: Intensive program started in February 2017 and supported 11 local artists through skill development workshops and individual mentoring. The program was completed in June 2017. View the below video for more information on the outcomes of the program.

Council also had the opportunity to provide a condensed Cultivate the Arts: Intensive program specifically for local Indigenous artists in June 2017. This condensed program offered similar professional development outcomes as the six month program but was held over three workshops. The program included presentations from Indigenous Business Australia, and inspirational artist talks from renowned artists Jandamarra Cadd and Bianca Beetson.

Cultivate the Arts: Intensive - Video
Cultivate the Arts: Intensive 2017 (transcript)

Cultivate the Arts: Intensive - 2017 Participants

Cultivate: Intensive - Natalia

Natalia Balo

Natalia Balo is a multi-award-winning Australian figurative artist specialising in portraiture and wildlife painting. Natalia is a professional art teacher boasting over 20 years of teaching experience, with formal accreditation in Teaching of Drawing and Painting (BFA - Art Education, Hons), MFA (Graphic Arts and Book Illustration), PhD (Natural History Illustration). Originally from Europe, Natalia has received rigorous professional art education at the prestigious St. Petersburg Art Academy. Natalia has also achieved a PhD degree at the University of Newcastle; her doctoral research "Bird Anatomy for Artists" is now published as a book.

Cultivate: Intensive - Monica

Monica Batiste

Redcliffe based artist Monica Batiste seeks expression through the mediums of paint, pencil, paper, canvas, movement, speech and vibrations. As an illustrator, author, yoga teacher and a fine artist, Monica's intention is to open the viewer's mind to the possibilities of who we are and what we can become. Monica is inspired to help teachers and parents promote confidence and self-esteem with child development throughout her work.

Cultivate: Intensive - Anne-Louise

Anne-Louise Ciel

Anne-Louise Ciel has exhibited extensively in Queensland and New South Wales for over 20 years, and has paintings in collections in France, England, Greece, USA, as well as Australia and New Zealand. As an expressionist painter, Anne-Louise is interested in how colour and shape can convey feeling without words or explanations. Her wish is to have the viewer interact with the painting at a subliminal level, evoking emotion and thought, often both uplifting and peaceful, and she has a strong interest in the therapeutic power of colour. Lately she has been developing work with figurative images interspersed with simplified flat planes of colour.

Guthala Doyle

Guthala Doyle

Guthala Doyle studied dance at NAISDA Dance College in New South Wales, and seeks spiritual expression through movement, dance and cultural arts and crafts. Guthala is motivated by the spirit, the earth and all its elements of creation, using Indigenous cultural practices within his artistic expression. Guthala delivers a wide range of cultural workshops to schools and organisations across the country to educate and raise awareness of Aboriginal culture and traditions. Guthala aspires to connect and collaborate with other local artists to promote cultural awareness and encourage acceptance of Indigenous culture through artistic movement and expression.

Cultivate: Intensive - Brendan

Brendan Glanville

Brendan Glanville is an Artistic Director, Teacher and Arts Professional with over 25 years' experience. Brendan has extensive directing experience including overseeing all aspects of production for both theatre and musical productions plus writing, devising and directing for film. Brendan's vision is to create an organisation that uses a combination of mentors and peer teaching, to create a vibrant theatre and film industry in the Moreton Bay Region.

Di Hall

Contemporary Indigenous artist Di Hall, is a descendant of the Gamilaraay Nation and explores a wide range of mediums through her arts practice, including sculpture, painting on canvas and multi-media. Di graduated with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts from Griffith University in 2014 with a double major in sculpture and is a current tutor for the Contemporary Australian Indigenous Arts Program at Queensland College of Art. Di has exhibited in various festivals and galleries including the Dreaming Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Footsteps Gallery, Indidge-n-Arts Museum and Art Gallery, and Sugarbag Gallery. Di is motivated by her Indigenous identity and heritage and seeks to address cultural issues through her visual narratives.

Tracy Heaydon

Tracy Heaydon

Emerging visual artist Tracy Heaydon, is a Kamilaroi woman originally from northern New South Wales. Tracy is passionate about young people and the community. She facilitates many cultural workshops within schools across Queensland, mentoring and inspiring young people with healing and connection through visual arts. Tracy’s love of art began at an early age and has seen her exhibit at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Reconciliation Art Exhibition, and a solo exhibition in New South Wales. Tracy aspires to encourage young people to learn and appreciate Indigenous culture through visual art by holding ‘3d Dot Art’ workshops for the wider community.

Thomas Kanak

Thomas Kanak

Redcliffe based Indigenous artist Thomas Kanak seeks to communicate a unique Torres Strait Islander perspective through the medium of crocodile leather. As a visual artist, Thomas’s technique of using crocodile skin and teeth to produce artworks, is one of a kind. Working with this unique natural material motivates Thomas and as an artist, strengthens his spiritual and cultural connection. Thomas is inspired to unify the community and encourage the exploration of new forms of artistic expression through ‘Croc Art’.

Cultivate: Intensive - Gabi

Gabi Mika-McNaughton

Gabi Mika-McNaughton is a multi award winning Australian landscape painter. Gabi has been a selected finalist in many prestigious art prizes and in 2014 won the Australian National Art Prize for women 'She'. In 2016 Gabi was selected by Artist Ben Quilty to participate in the Other Art Fair Sydney. Gabi is driven by her need to engage with the landscape and environment and is motivated to entice her audience to disengage from their technology driven existences and instead, explore their own environments more closely.

Kamryn Peacock

Kamryn Peacock

Redcliffe based Indigenous musician Kamryn Peacock is a storyteller who communicates his narratives through music. Having grown up in a musical family, Kamryn was destined to become a talented musician. Kamryn seeks to connect with people in the community through musical expression with the goal to combine his musical practices with a sustainable business.

Cultivate: Intensive - Christine

Christine Randell

Moreton Bay abstract pen artist Christine Randell specialises in portraiture, figure drawing and scenic art working primarily in pen and ink. More recently Christine has developed an interest in birds and wildlife and regularly showcases her creative talents at local artisan markets. As an emerging creative artist, Christine aspires to illustrate authored books and publish her own children's books.

Cultivate: Intensive - Hayley

Hayley Roberts

Hayley Roberts creates unique photographs that capture the essence of the fairy tales she adored in her youth. Hayley's self-portraits employ trick photography and Photoshop, along with characters, costumes, props and posing, to create illusions that blend fantasy into the everyday. The resulting works seek to elate, inspire and provide an escape from the monotony of life's routines by helping people recapture their childhood wonder. Hayley's goal is to combine her travel and art photography into a series of creative portraits set in iconic locations around Australia that gives a voice to the landscape.

Cultivate: Intensive - Ann

Ann Russell

Ann is a practicing visual artist and arts educator whose practice encompasses two and three dimensional mixed media and has a particular interest in recycling and reusing materials and objects. Through her work, Ann explores the interconnecting themes of transcendence, environmental and feminist issues. Ann is currently undertaking a Doctorate of Creative Arts, and is interested in the therapeutic qualities of art and its ability to develop 'right brained thinking' allowing individuals to be more creative.

Cultivate: Intensive - Sandra

Sandra Skodnik

Sandra Skodnik is a designer, woodcarver and wood sculptor who creates unique pieces of functioning art and sculptural forms from sustainably harvested native wood and recycled timbers. After studying the personality and history of a discarded or unusual piece of timber, Sandra uses traditional methods of hand carving along with modern industrial power tools to express her creative imagination and carve a story into each piece. Inspired by native flora and fauna and the Australian lifestyle, Sandra hopes to educate and raise public awareness about the importance of our endangered wildlife species and local Australian history.

Cultivate: Intensive - Abe

Abraham Tongia

New Zealand born Tongan artist Abraham Tongia, graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design from The Design and Art College of New Zealand and a Bachelor of Architecture in 2016. Abraham is interested in 3D CAD Work environments, computer graphics and multimedia. As an emerging artist, Abraham is motivated by his family and inspired by traditional wood carved Tongan figures and sacred geometry, weaving these themes within his work.

Cultivate: Intensive - Efiq

Efiq Zulfiqar

Efiq Zulfiqar is a musician and visual artist originally from Indonesia. He is a multi-instrumentalist and plays both Western and traditional Indonesian instruments and has performed locally and internationally. Efiq's interest in music began at an early age and he went on to study traditional Sundanese, Balinese and Western Music in West Java and Bali. Karawitan Sunda is the basis of his music. Karawitan, meaning traditional music, and Sunda, defining the culture where the music comes from. Efiq hopes to blend his passion for art and culture with his skills and knowledge, to develop and deliver creative and interactive community programs to present and showcase Indonesian culture.

For more information on the program please email or call council's Community and Cultural Programs Team on (07) 3205 0555.

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