Connected Communities program

Connected Communities program is designed for residents of the Moreton Bay region who are passionate about contributing to their community. 

The program offers a series of workshops that aim to empower community members with the skills and confidence to connect with others in their local area to help shape the community they want to live in. 

As part of the program, an end of year event is held for residents and the not-for-profit community to inspire new ideas around community projects, and offers a networking opportunity.

Workshop overview

The Connected Communities program is delivered over 20 hours by experienced facilitators from Community Praxis Co-op, who bring a focus on creating strong connections within communities to develop the resources, capacity, resilience and leadership to creatively engage with their own issues. 

The workshop content explores three core learnings through interactive participation including:

  • Exploring the kind of community residents want to live in;
  • Exploring what blocks us from creating the community we want to live in; and
  • Learning skills and methods to connect with others in our communities to make our community vision happen.

Workshops for 2017 have now been finalised. Please refer to the webpage for 2018 workshop dates later in the year.

Event overview

An end of year event will take place to inspire community in organising, planning and taking charge of shaping their communities. Visionary key note speakers will lead the event.

Further details of the event will be published shortly.

More information

For more information about the Connected Communities program, please call the Community and Cultural Programs team on (07) 3205 0555 or email .

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