Connected Communities program

The Connected Communities program is for residents who are passionate about contributing to their community.

The program offers a series of learning opportunities, whilst providing the platform to connect with others.

With the support and guidance of experienced facilitators and guest speakers, you will learn how to share community resources, develop community projects and create positive change.

To be part of shaping a strong and resilient community, refer to the following program opportunities for 2018

2018 Program Opportunities

Workshop training series

If you have a community project or idea, or would like to learn how to connect with your community, then this workshop series is for you. Workshop dates for 2018 will be released shortly.

The workshop training series is delivered over 20 hours by experienced facilitators from Community Praxis Co-op, who bring in-depth knowledge on creating strong connections within communities to develop the resources, capacity, resilience and leadership to creatively engage with their own issues.

If you have a community project or idea, or want to learn the skills on how to better connect with your community, then this workshop series is for you.

The workshop content explores three core learnings through interactive participation including:

  • Exploring the kind of community you want to live in;
  • Exploring what blocks us from creating the community you want to live in; and
  • Learning skills and methods to connect with others in our communities to make our community vision happen.

Workshops for 2017 have now been finalised. Please refer to this page later in the year for 2018 workshop dates.

2017 Program Opportunities

Workshop training series

Several Moreton Bay resident took part in the Connected Communities workshop training series in 2017. The participants learnt the skills to connect with others in their community to bring their project ideas to life.

Examples of community projects from the training series:

Redcliffe Reels

Redcliffe Reels is free monthly film screenings showcasing short documentaries focusing on environmental sustainability issues.

Where: Redcliffe Library (476 Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe)
When: Monthly on a Thursday evening
More information:

Soul Food

Soul Food Gathering provides an opportunity for residents to connect and reflect on various topics such as readings from faiths and philosophers, authors, leaders and Indigenous culture.

Where: The Old Fire Station (395 Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe)
When: First Sunday of every month


'The Connected Communities program gave me the confidence to turn an interest I had in community building into reality. My project was to create a public space for like-minded friends to gather together to be inspired and have real conversations about things that matter in the world. To have "big talk" rather than "small talk".'

'Journeying with other like-minded participants was as encouraging and inspiring as the learning and material.'

'I came to the program with a hope of somehow finding 'strong community' or in some way working out how to create oneā€¦ the course introduced me to processes that could help me move forward with my ideas.'

'The course offered insights into what community is, the things that stop us from stepping up and acting upon our ideas, and also provided background to the numerous skills to help us if and when we take that 'half a step outside our comfort zone'.

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) masterclass

Master class

This one day masterclass was facilitated by Senior Australian of the Year (WA) 2017 and founder of Bank of I.D.E.A.S., Peter Kenyon.

The masterclass was a unique opportunity for residents and community workers to map, connect and celebrate their local assets and discover what they care about through the ABCD method.

Inspiring Connected Communities Keynote Networking event

The Connected Communities Keynote Networking event inspired and generated new ideas on how to connect with the local community to create meaningful, sustainable change.


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