Know Your Neighbour

Knowing our neighbours can help us feel like we belong and contribute to a happier neighbourhood for everyone. A friendly hello as you put the bins out, or a wave over the fence can help us get to know our neighbours. We can create our own strong communities by making one connection at a time.

Why is it important?

Getting to know your neighbours helps to build better relationships and support the people who live around us, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Getting to know your neighbours opens up the opportunity to meet like-minded people or to learn new ways of living from others. It also creates opportunities to share resources such as borrowing a ladder or helping each other during times of need, such as emergencies or severe weather events.

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Benefits of saying G'day

  • Creating new friendships;
  • Accepting newcomers to the street;
  • Ensuring a safer community by keeping an eye out for one another;
  • Helping each other in times of emergency or extreme weather events;
  • Building tolerance for other people and learning different points of view; and
  • Helping to reduce social isolation.

When is a good time to say G'day?

Anytime is a good time to introduce yourself to your neighbours.

To celebrate Neighbour Day on Sunday 25 March 2018, Council is encouraging residents to get to know their neighbours:

  • Download a free Say G'day e-postcard [PDF 250KB] and pop it in the neighbours letterbox;
  • Invite your neighbours over for a cup of tea or coffee;
  • Invite your neighbour out for a walk or planned activity;
  • Invite your neighbours to join you in your own Neighbourhood Day event;

Some other ideas to help break the ice include

Our cultural diversity

  • 1 in 4 people (25%) living in the Moreton Bay Region were born overseas.
  • There are 157 different languages spoken by residents in the region.
  • Nearly 10% of people speak a language other than English at home.
  • The most spoken languages other than English are Samoan, Mandarin, Afrikaans, Tagalog and Hindi.
  • The Moreton Bay population is made up of people from over 184 different countries.

Community and Economic Profiles for the Moreton Bay region can be viewed on Council’s website and are available in Chinese (simplified).

For more information about multicultural services and programs available through Council and community partners visit the Multicultural Services webpage.


For more information about Know Your Neighbour, please contact council's Community and Cultural Programs team via email on or call (07) 3205 0555.

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