Know Your Neighbour: Get to know the locals!

Every day residents across the region are making a difference in their community by saying G’day to their neighbours.

Select the following profiles to find out about a neighbourhood champion near you and some great ideas on how to get to know your neighbours.

Lorraine and Lilly

Neighbourhood duo Lorraine Powers and Lilly Watters have been taking over their Redcliffe street for the past two years holding an annual Neighbour Day afternoon tea for the whole street.

Lorraine began the Neighbour Day afternoon tea in 2017 and has supported her neighbour, Lilly to take over the afternoon tea in 2018. Lilly a local high school student said that getting to know her neighbours has ''allowed me to become more opened minded, grow and become less shy''.

For Lorraine, the first Neighbour Day was an opportunity to introduce all the neighbours in a friendly and appealing way. Lorraine and her neighbour Jacqui now make a point to get together every month and have many uplifting and inspiring conversations. Another neighbour, Sylvia shares bananas and pineapples every week - which are greatly appreciated by all and often gifted back as banana cake!

"Since last Neighbour Day our street has had lost dogs, burst pipes and health concerns. Knowing your neighbour makes these challenges so much easier to deal with and makes our street a much happier place to live" explains Lorraine.

Lorraine is also a community champion in the Redcliffe area and in 2017 participated in Council's Connected Communities Program. The program provides a series of learning opportunities for residents to develop community projects and create positive change in the region.

Dilli Ram Bista

Dilli Ram Bista, a local Bellmere resident first moved to the Moreton Bay Region in 2008 from Bhutan.

Now assisting his son to purchase his own house in the local area Dilli Ram has reflected that ''When I first came to Australia, I didn't know a lot of things''.

''But I am thankful for the support I received from my neighbours, they helped me to resettle in Australia through many ways, such as; assisting me to go to the bank and the shops as well as taking care of the general maintenance of my house such as fixing doors and screens.''

Now residing in Bellmere, near Caboolture, Mr Bista says "I can now say with confidence I can tackle all these activities and more all thanks to my neighbours.

Mr Bista is a proactive resident in the Caboolture area with a passion to support new migrants in the region.

Did you know that 1 in 4 residents in the Moreton Bay region were born overseas? Or that there were over 157 different languages spoken by residents in the region?

To find out more about the diversity of the region check out our Multicultural webpage

Sarah and Ben

Sarah, originally from Germany moved to Mount Nebo four and a half years ago to be with husband Ben. The couple have recently breathed new life into the Café on the Mountain's off Mount Nebo Road to provide a lively, welcoming and thoroughly local community café.

From receiving donated furniture to spontaneous working bees and mentoring from local business owners Sarah and Ben say that opening the Café was a 'neighbourhood affair'.

‘‘Our launch night was going to clash with the local pub night up at the community hall so the resident’s association, in a heart-warming act of support held the pub night down here at the cafe instead.,’’ Mr Kanowski said.

Ms Kanowski said that ''we've been able to support each other during natural disasters by lending a hand cutting down trees, sharing generators and providing food''.

''Simply acknowledging each other, whether it's a wave when we've driving by on the roads or saying hello at the café makes people feel connected to their community''.

To find out more about the Café in the Mountains and how Sarah and Ben are working to make the café truly a neighbourhood affair you can visit their Facebook page.

How to get involved in your neighbourhood

For more information and resources on how you can get to know your neighbours check out the Tools and Resources section of the Know Your Neighbour webpage.

Are you new to the area?

If you are a new resident in the region we have a new resident webpage with a range of information to help you and your family settle in to the Moreton Bay Region.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government.

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