Council facility management & development

Council encourages sport and recreation organisations to develop facilities that motivate and support community members to participate in club and recreational activities. 

The needs of each organisation are different, in line with governing body requirements, member needs and season of participation. 

As such there are a broad range of facility development projects, from the installation of signage or bench seats through to sports field lighting installations and clubhouse construction.

Development projects

Organisations that wish to make improvements to Council owned or controlled land are required to obtain consent prior to undertaking the works. Consent is also required prior to the submission of grant funding applications, which often require evidence of land owner’s permission. 

To request consent, please complete and submit an improvement works application form, along with all required attachments, via the instructions on the form.

The review process generally takes four (4) weeks to complete. All submissions should allow sufficient lead time prior to critical dates, such as closing dates of funding programs.

Funding programs

A number of funding programs are available at various times throughout the year to assist organisations in meeting the costs associated with facility development, and for other purposes, see grants and funding.

Maintenance requests

Organisations and contractors who manage facilities on behalf of Council such as Swimming Pools, Caravan Parks and Community Halls are able to report maintenance requests online

Once the form is completed you will be sent a customer request number that you will be able to refer to when you contact Council.

Access Keys & Locks

Request a community facility key/card online

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