Child Care

Council's commitment to supporting resident families is reflected in the provision and support of local child care services.

Parents may require child care for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Work
  • Personal commitments
  • Illness

Child care options

Broadly, there are three options available for child care in the Moreton Bay region:

 Birralee Childcare

Birralee Childcare Centre

A community based non-profit centre sponsored by Moreton Bay Regional Council, providing a high quality programme of care and education for children from six (6) weeks old to school entry age. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided.


Privately run / community based

Privately run or community based child care centres can be found in the Moreton Bay Community Directory. Please consult your phone book for listings of other child care services in your area or call the Child Care Access hotline on 1800 670 305

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