Clean Up Australia Day 2018

The Clean Up Australia Day national campaign raises awareness of the aesthetic and environmental issues with litter, and promotes community action to help protect and improve our natural environment for future generations.

More than 11,500 local resident volunteers and students join Clean Up Australia Day and Moreton Bay Council to say NO to litter and illegal dumping in local parks, reserves, beaches and waterways, roads and footpaths.

If you would like to participate in Clean Up Australia Day refer to the following information:


Volunteer to clean up

Visit the Clean Up website to find out which sites have been registered with Clean Up Australia Day, or see Council's site list by suburb.

Register a site

Visit the Clean Up website to register your site with Clean Up Australia Day.

A fact sheet for registered community site coordinators will identify resources and assistance provided by Council.

Need help?

  • Information for Clean Up Australia Day site coordinators
  • If you experience problems registering or volunteering on the Clean Up Australia Day website, contact Clean Up Australia
  • For further assistance contact Council

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