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Applications are now open to secure a spot at Caboolture Hub’s Creative Studios. 

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Creative studios 1 - 4

Creative studios 1 - 4
Capacity 4 Studios

Available for 3, 6 or 12 month lease at affordable rates to artists who wish to establish 'start up businesses' or build their creative business presence within this Creative and Learning environment at the Caboolture Hub. Artists are invited through an Expression of Interest process which is open year-round, and selections will be made when each studio becomes available throughout the year.

This is open to artists specifically involved in new media art and contemporary arts practice including but not be exclusive to design, fashion, digital media, production, graphic design, community cultural development, musical composition, the plastic and visual arts, theatre, drama, video / film making, festival development, arts consultancy, arts business management, performance or literary practice.

Please note: the following terms and conditions  [PDF 50KB] apply to the following rooms for hire.

The creative industries targeted for use of the Studios include but are not limited to:

Architects, musicians, performers, composers, writers, poets, graphic designers, industrial designers, photographers, animators, sound / video editors, web designers, digital media developers/designers, exhibition designers and conservators of 3D/textile/paper, fashion designers, visual artists, artisans such as jewellers or mosaic artists, decorative artists, video or film makers, playwrights, theatre directors, stage designers, arts consultancies, arts festival developers, creative event producers or arts project managers.

Current creative businesses in residence

Cre8ive Arts

Steve Mills is a local artist who is passionate about sharing his love of art with the region. His studio, Cre8ive Arts, features several programs, including art lessons for children and adults, team building days, weekend workshops and more.


Colourberry is a digital agency who can work with you to develop video concepts and ideas, produce great video content cost effectively and help you to use that video as an effective business tool. They can help with marketing and video productions for many industries including tourism, medical, industrial, sports, product promotional videos, documentaries, and volunteer video production to name a few.

Gin Rummy Vintage

Gin Rummy Vintage is a unique and intriguing business that promotes love of vintage clothing, creativity and eco-fashion, inspiring women to live with passion and style. Within the Studio, you will find vintage, upcycled, handmade and rare items of clothing, accessories, jewellery and shoes. Part of Gin Rummy Vintage’s ethos is ‘mend and make do’, encouraging people to understand and engage with the clothing they love, and to be creative with upcycling, repairing and reimagining..

The Happiness Ninja

The Happiness Ninja is all about creating happy people, happy workplaces and happy communities through creative means. The happier people are, the better they function at work and in life overall. Happier people are more productive people. The Happiness Ninja helps to re-training the neural pathways in your own brain and change the way it functions by regularly practicing in activities such as creative journaling, gratitude expression, meditation, mindfulness, self-compassion letters etc. Workshops and classes will be announced soon.

Creative studios

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