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For a full list of upcoming exhibitions see our six monthly Gallery and Museum Guide [PDF 5.7MB].

Current exhibitions

5, 10, 15, 20: anniversary acquisitions
On display: Saturday 1 December - Wednesday 6 February
Five artworks. Tenth birthday of Moreton Bay Regional Council. 15 Artists annual prize. Celebrating 20 years of acquisitions

On display: Saturday 1 December - Wednesday 6 February
Adorn combines images and selected objects of personal significance ranging from those which embellish the body through to those that enhance lifestyle.

On display: Saturday 1 December - Wednesday 6 February
In Adorning, artists Adam Anderson, Deborah Eddy and Sancintya Simpson explore the process of adornment through contemporary video works.

Upcoming exhibitions

Soft Core
On display: Friday 15 February - Saturday 20 April
Soft Core presents artistic practices that explore the many facets of ‘softness’ - from large-scale inflatables and forms made from soft materials to those materials that simply look soft.

Shared Visions - Memory and identity in the photography of Jenny Carter-White
On display: Wednesday 1 May - Saturday 22 June
Family photo albums are treasured possessions that hold lifetimes of memories within, capturing experiences and relationships and creating lasting mementos. Brisbane-based artist Jenny Carter-White draws on her family photographs to explore the relationships between autobiographical memory and identity.

Scarface Claw
On display: Saturday 29 June - Saturday 7 September
Fierce on the outside, and soft underneath, Scarface Claw takes centre stage in his very own exhibition.

On display: Saturday 29 June - Saturday 7 September
Artist Nicola Hooper explores the darker side of the natural world in Zoonoses. Drawing from a range of historical and popular literary references, Hooper investigates zoonotic diseases - illnesses carried by animals that can be transferred to humans.

Past exhibitions

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