Quota International of Redcliffe Inc

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Quota International of Redcliffe Inc is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian organisation of individuals of diverse interest committed to sharing their time, talents and resources to meet Quota International's service goals. Quota International links members of all ages, occupations and nationalities in a world-wide organisation of service and friendship.

Phone 07 3880 2856
07 3283 1529 (after hrs)


Mrs Libby Gomersall (President)

07 3283 1529
egome2@hotmail.com (opens email message)

Mrs Jenny Leach (Correspondence Secretary)

07 3880 2856
secretaryqiredcliffe@gmail.com (opens email message)


Mailing address

PO Box 178
Margate 4019

Service area: Queensland

Further information

Services and facilities


Operating hours

Not applicable


Annual membership fee


Ladies of all ages

Client base

Various community group in our area

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