Petsmart is an initiative of the Moreton Bay Regional Council and is aimed at:

  • Enhancing pet awareness
  • Reducing dog and cat issues (eg. wandering, abandonment, attacks and cruelty)
  • Wildlife awareness
  • Preparing your pets for disaster 

Our programs 

Helping you prepare your dog for a new baby
PetSmart for teachers
Free, interactive education program that can be tailored to suit your school or group.
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Preparing your pets for disaster.
Helping you prepare your dog for a disaster


All cats and dogs must be microchipped if they are born after April 2009 or when sold or given away. Most local Veterinarians offer microchipping services.

Council also offers microchipping sessions at various location across the region throughout the year. 

Council charges a fee for microchipping which is payable on the day. The minimum age for puppies or kittens to be microchipped is 8 weeks. All dogs must be on a lead and cats in a secure cage. 

Please also note that under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, all dogs and cats must be registered with the local council. You can Complete the registration online or on the day.

Queensland pet microchip details are stored on one of the six national databases - Australasian Animal Registry; Central Animal Records; Global Micro Animal Registry; HomeSafe ID; National Pet Register and Pet Safe.

To find out which one of your pet's microchip details are on please visit Pet Address website and enter your pet's microchip number. It is recommended that you update your contact details every 12 months - your pet relies on the information being up to date.

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