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Abandoned vehicles
The Queensland Police and Council are responsible for responding to complaints regarding abandoned vehicles. 

Animal ownership
Pets are a wonderful addition to any family, however it is important to understand your responsibilities as a pet owner. 

Animal shelters - lost, found and impounded animals
Contact Council's animal shelter or stock yard for larger animals (eg. cattle & horses) located at Dakabin.


Beach permits
Permits are required for 4WD vehicles to travel on the ocean beach of Bribie Island. All permits are issued by the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service, phone 13 74 68. Dogs are not permitted north of the 4WD access track. 

Building applications are required for all new building work. Also includes information on minor buildings and development permits.


Location of cemeteries and columbariums and access to interment and cemetery records. 

Child Care
Council's commitment to supporting resident families is reflected in the provision and support of local child care services.

Local governments have an important role to play in ensuring that citizenship ceremonies are a meaningful experience for people who have chosen to make Australia their home.

Community halls
There are many community halls available for hire which can be used for various community-based activities. They are suitable for a range of purposes including weddings, meetings, functions, recreational activities and celebrations. 

Council caravan parks
There are five Council run caravan parks in the Moreton Bay region.

Council fees & charges
Search or Browse for fees adopted by Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

Information and contact details for Moreton Bay Region's Mayor and Councillors. 


Dividing fences
Reach agreement prior to constructing any dividing fence. Fences higher than two metres require Council permits. 

Dog parks & beaches
Dog parks and beaches that have been allocated for the exercising of dogs (on and off a leash), providing they are kept under strict control.

Drainage - stormwater
Residents must not divert the natural run-off of stormwater. The downstream owner must accept natural run-off but may install a properly designed drainage system to reduce the effect on their property.

Driveway crossover construction
Council makes it easy to build a driveway crossover. There are a series of standard conditions which apply to constructing a driveway crossover. 


Employment with Council
Vacant positions advertised on Council’s website and are open to anyone with appropriate skills / qualifications / experience. Vacancies may also be advertised in local and regional newspapers.

Council has a range of free e-newsletters you can subscribe to.  Select the e-newsletter you would like to receive and sign up online.

Environment centres
Visit one of our Environment Centres to learn more about our special region and its amazing animals, plants and habitats. 


Prohibited fires, lighting open fires, barbecues and additional requirements.

Flood information
Information about flood mapping, Flood Check Property Reports, flood publications and to share your flood data.

Food safety program
Council maintains a strict public health food safety program including the monitoring of all commercial food production premises and food outlets. Free food safety courses are able to be completed online. 

Footpaths are in place to promote pedestrian movement in a safe manner along roadsides and residents must not obstruct in a manner that creates a nuisance or safety issues.

Forms & fact sheets
A list of all forms and fact sheets available online. 


Graffiti is the deliberate application of messages or images on property, without the permission of the rightful owner.  Council recognises that graffiti is a crime and that responding to it is a whole-of-community responsibility.  Council has a zero tolerance policy in relation to its own buildings and facilities and encourages residents to implement their own anti-graffiti measures at home. 

Grants & funding
There are a number of funding options available to organisations through your local Council (Regional Arts Development Fund, Community Grants Program, The Don Perrin Environmental Bursary) as well as the State and Federal Government grants.



Moreton Bay Regional Council operates a range of immunisation clinics for eligible residents.

Injured wildlife
All native animals are protected by law.  This page provides a number of useful contacts to aid injured animals and provide wildlife first aid.  



Council supports the region’s koalas through a koala conservation program, which includes Koala Nature Refuges, habitat restoration projects, wild dog management and support for research programs.


As places to discover, learn, play and imagine, Moreton Bay Region Libraries provide collections, programs and spaces that connect people to resources and each other. Search the catalogue, access free eBooks, find your local library branch and explore the what's on calendar.

Local laws
Local Laws that apply across the Moreton Bay region commenced on 5 August 2011. They supercede those local and subordinate laws of the Caboolture Shire, Pine Rivers Shire and Redcliffe City Councils, all of which have now been repealed.


Marine rescue
Volunteer Marine Rescue, Bribie Island is on emergency call 24 hours a day seven days a week operating out of its base station in  Bellara. 

Marquee loan
Council has five large marquees that are available for use by community groups and non-profit organisations.

Moreton Bay membership
A Moreton Bay membership allows you to sign up for MoretonAlert, Council's enewsletters or the cultural, recreation provider or local author directories.

Mosquito management
Council's mosquito management program involves aerial treatments of saltmarsh and surrounding freshwater areas via a helicopter.

Multicultural services
Council welcomes and embraces the different skills, varied views and diverse experiences associated with our culturally and linguistically diverse communities. 


Neighbourhood centres
Neighbourhood centres offer residents a variety of social and health services. Although these differ from centre to centre, they may include financial or housing assistance, family outreach, community education and development, support groups and meeting rooms.

Neighbourhood watch
Neighbourhood Watch is a program organised by the community in order to reduce residential crime.

Noise control
Noise restrictions and a list of responsible regulating authorities.


Online services
Council offers a range of services over the internet - pay your accounts; lodge applications; download and submit tenders; renew library books; business permits, licences, approvals, etc.

Overgrown land
It is the responsibility of owners of vacant land to keep their properties free of long grass and weeds, which could harbour vermin.


Parking regulations in the Moreton Bay region are in place to enhance road and pedestrian safety and to ensure that dedicated parking areas are managed in a fair and equitable manner. 

Pathways and bikeways
Council provides an extensive walking and cycling network consisting of on-road bike lanes and off-road shared pathways. Council’s network is continually growing.

Permits, licences, registrations & approvals
Information and requirements relating to permits, licences, approvals and registrations for environmentally relevant activities, flammable & combustible liquids, food premises, personal appearance services, accommodation, caravan parks & camping grounds, commercial swimming pools, entertainment venues & events, filming, footpath dining, roadside vending and business licensing.

Planning schemes
View planning schemes for Caboolture, Pine Rivers, Redcliffe and North Lakes and access PD Online.

Policy is a statement of strategic intent; it provides Council with a structured framework for consistent and transparent decision-making and actions. Policy demonstrates to the community the position and intent Council will take with regard to an issue identified in the Corporate Plan.

Council publications including annual reports, corporate plan, Council meeting minutes, reports and studies.



Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)
The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) provides funding for projects that promote and develop arts, culture and heritage in the Moreton Bay Region. RADF is delivered as a partnership between the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Right to Information
Moreton Bay Regional Council is committed to providing residents with open and transparent access to information about council’s services, activities and business operations.  


School education programs
All schools in the Moreton Bay region can access the following free education programs. Waste education Council has been providing a community and school waste education program to residents for over a decade. The aims of the waste education program are to encourage and educate the community with strategies and

School holiday activities
Looking for something to do on the school holidays? There is always a wonderful variety of family activities happening in the Moreton Bay region over the school holiday period.

Events, activities, community groups, immunisation, transport, rebates, concessions and support services for seniors.

A list of Showgrounds within Moreton Bay Region.

Significant projects
A collection of projects currently being undertaken by Council.

Social media
Council invites you to participate by giving us your views, opinions or comments. While anyone can view these communication channels, you must register for each service to participate.

Sporting facilities
The region provides a multitude of opportunities for members of the community to enjoy sporting facilities of very high standard.

Street lighting
The majority of streetlight and / or pole maintenance on road reserves and along paths through and around a park is the responsibility of Energex. 

Swimming pools
Locations, opening hours and facilities at the public pools within the Moreton Bay region. 

Swooping birds
Some native birds swoop as a defensive behaviour to protect their young. Swooping is most common in spring, but can start in late winter and extend into late summer. Individual birds may swoop for six to eight weeks, usually stopping once their young have left the nest.


Tenders online
View, download and lodge Council tenders online in a secure environment. View Council's purchase order terms and conditions.

Termites & vermin
Residents should take precautions against possible infestation of termites in their homes, whether they be weatherboard or brick.

Town planning
Town Planning involves both control of existing and new development, and "strategic planning" to ensure our resources are carefully managed to match our future needs and expectations. Planning is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving in response to changes within the community.


Unitywater is a statutory authority that provides water and sewerage services to the Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa local authority areas. Visit the Unitywater website at (link opens in new window) for full details.

Upcoming events
Find out What’s On in the Moreton Bay Region.  With many regular markets, sporting activities, festivals and more, there is always something to see or do in the region.


Volunteer program
Council has a very active volunteer program that operates across 21 different program areas, attracting over 1870 volunteers to assist Council with its community programs and services.

It is compulsory for Australian citizens who are 18 years of age and older to be correctly enrolled at their current address.


Waste and recycling
For information about bin collection services, recycling and sustainability, waste facilities, education programs and waste forms and fact sheets.



Events, activities, music and creative development programs, community groups and youth spaces for young people.


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