New waste contract with new service options

In December 2018, council adopted a new waste service contract for the Moreton Bay Region that came into effect 1 July 2019.

Besides retaining all the existing value-for-money waste services you have come to expect from Council, some additional services and benefits are being rolled out across the entire Moreton Bay Region by our contractor, Cleanaway.

Did you know…

  1. Moreton Bay Regional Council offers one of the most affordable waste management services in Queensland. 
  2. Council’s waste charges are used to fund a range of waste services to benefit and service our region. 
  3. These include the operation of council’s waste facilities, regular roadside collection services, maintenance of public place bins and waste education programs.

Bulky waste collection service 

As of 1 July, contractor Cleanaway is able to provide Moreton Bay residents with a by-request kerbside waste collection service for individual properties wanting to dispose of bulky household items.

The service will give residents the option of having large or awkward materials - like whitegoods, furniture and even mounds of green waste - collected from their premises as and when required, rather than having to personally deliver or arrange transport to one of council’s waste facilities. 

Read more details about this service and its associated costs. 

Your waste… your choice of bin

Do you sometimes feel the size of your roadside collection bins do not accurately match your waste needs?

While the standard residential bin size will remain 240 litre for both waste and recycling services, under council’s new contract you now have more choices when it comes to matching your bin to your lifestyle, waste habits and space constraints.

There is a choice of either a 140 litre or 240 litre bin for household waste, with 140 litre, 240 litre or 360 litre options for recycling. 

Whole of region roadside collection service

As part of council’s new waste collection contract, almost every Moreton Bay household (including those in rural areas) will soon have access to the popular and convenient weekly waste and fortnightly recycling kerbside/roadside collection services.

The service is scheduled to be operating across the entire region by late 2019. Waste collection contractor Cleanaway and council are reviewing all roads in the new service area.

In some circumstances, the kerbside collection service may not be able to be provided in specific locations due to restricted access or safety concerns. Council will be liaising directly with these affected households.

The new services will complement all existing waste management provided by council, including the free disposal of residential municipal solid waste (household waste) at nine waste transfer stations, three waste management facilities and two treasure markets.

The expansion of council’s kerbside collection service brings Moreton Bay in line with our neighbouring local governments of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Somerset - all of which provide whole-of-region bin collection services.

No changes to existing residential services

Best of all, the new contract arrangements still deliver: 

  • domestic kerbside waste and recycling services
  • free unlimited recycling disposal at waste facilities (to minimise visit times, remember to pre-sort and separate recyclable materials)
  • waste education programs
  • litter patrols
  • public place bins and servicing
  • illegal dumping monitoring and investigation
  • free resident access to green waste.