National Recycling Week

national recycling week by planet ark

National Recycling Week runs from 10 to 16 November 2024. It aims to showcase various recycling programs and ways to get involved. 

Recycling is a complex and costly option. For recycling to work, residents need to know what to put in their recycling bin and what to take to recycling programs. Businesses need to design, produce, take back recyclable materials and reprocess them into post-consumer recyclable products. Businesses also must commit to using post-consumer recycled materials in the production of new items.

To make recycling work, we need to buy items made with recycled material to create the demand.

Disposing of dangerous items

Some household items can create dangerous situations if not disposed of properly. The following items can cause fires igniting in bin collection trucks or at waste facilities:

  • batteries
  • rechargeable items
  • electronics
  • gas bottles
  • chemicals
  • oil
  • vapes.

To reduce the risk of fire, these items need to be taken to the right Council waste facility or retail drop off location for recycling. Search where to recycle or dispose of these items.

Compostable packaging and recycling

Compostable packaging may look like plastic, but they are made from plant products. Throw these items into your general waste bin for disposal. Compostable packaging needs a commercial composting process, it won’t decompose properly in your home compost system. 

You cannot place compostable packaging in recycling bins as it will contaminate the plastic and paper/cardboard materials. Compostable items include:

  • food product trays
  • bags
  • cups and lids
  • cutlery and plates
  • toothbrushes 
  • other household items. 

Learn more about compostable packaging.

Get involved in National Recycling Week

Knowing what and where items can be recycled is the key: