Conditions of stay

Check in/out

Accommodation type Check in after Check out before
Sites 11:00 AM 10:00 AM

Late check in (after 5:00 PM) by prior arrangement. There is no late check out facility. 

Persons under 18 years

Persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to make a reservation. Park managers may cancel any reservation made by persons under the age of 18 years. 

Maximum number of people per site

A maximum of 6 people, including children and infants, are allowed per site.


No animals are permitted in the caravan park other than a bona fide, registered guide, hearing or assistance dog with an identity card.


Children must be supervised at all times in the amenities buildings.

Parents must take reasonable steps to ensure their children do not disturb other caravan park guests. 

Compliance with caravan park rules

Guests and their visitors agree to abide by all caravan park rules as set out in this document, and all verbal directions provided by the Park Manager. Failure to comply with the caravan park rules and/or Park Manager's directions will result in termination of the booking without refund, and immediate eviction from the caravan park.


Type / period Booking condition
Gazetted Easter long weekend Minimum 4 consecutive nights 
Christmas (Saturday before Christmas Day to Saturday after Christmas Day Minimum 7 consecutive nights 
Long weekends Minimum 3 consecutive nights

Bookings may be cancelled by the guest at any time. However, refunds will only be provided in accordance with these Caravan Park Rules.

Park Managers may refuse a booking at their discretion.

Future bookings

Guests may make a booking up to 12 months in advance. 

Any bookings made greater than 12 months in advance will not be honoured. 

Payments, deposits, discounts and refunds

A minimum, non-refundable deposit equivalent to one night’s fee (site or accommodation) is required at the time of booking.

The balance of the account will be due for payment on arrival, except in the following circumstances:

  • for bookings during the Christmas/New Year holiday period, the balance of the account will be due for payment by 30 November
  • for bookings during the Easter holiday period, the balance of the account will be due for payment by 1 March

unless as otherwise agreed in writing by Council.

Park Managers may charge a bond equivalent to one night’s fee (site or accommodation) at the time of check-in. If a bond is charged, and provided the site, cabin or cottage is left in a reasonable state of cleanliness and/or repair at check out, the bond will be refunded to the guest within 48 hours of check out.

Holiday dates may be published on the caravan park's website.

If a guest has made a reservation under a special offer or discount, no further offers or discounts will be applied to that reservation.

Deposits will not be refunded and are not transferable.

Refund of monies paid (which exclude deposits) are only available where at least 28 days’ notice of full cancellation has been given. In such instances, monies will be refunded less the deposit. Balance monies remaining after application of the refund rules may be held in credit for 12 months for a future booking, at the Council’s discretion.

Guests who arrive late, do not show up at all or leave the caravan park early are not entitled to a refund.

Inclement weather is not a circumstance for a refund.

Site availability and allocation

Sites will be allocated according to the dimensions of the guest’s caravan, motor home or tent as advised by the guest.

At the time of booking, guests must:

  • specify the total exterior length of their caravan, from front to back, including all attachments and drawbar
  • advise of any special requirements.

In some instances, it may not be possible to accommodate a guest’s caravan, motor home, tent etc. on the sites available at the caravan park. In these instances, the Park Manager will contact the guest and, if possible, offer the guest alternate dates or allow the guest to cancel the booking.

Sites and site numbers are not guaranteed.

Site occupation

Only one tent or one caravan, motor home or boat is permitted per site. In limited circumstances, the Park Manager may, at their absolute discretion, also allow one motor vehicle to be parked on site.

Guests must keep their site clean and tidy and free from litter. Guests must ensure their belongings are retained within their allocated site, otherwise the Park Manager may charge guests for the use of an extra site.

Trenches must not be dug on or around sites.

No open fires are permitted.

Tent and annex pegs must be no longer than 300 mm to avoid damage to underground services.

Guests will be charged for:

  • cleaning and/or repair costs, if the site is left in an unreasonable state of cleanliness, as determined by the Park Manager
  • the cost to rectify any damage to the site (including grass)
  • the cost to rectify any damage to any services located beneath the site as a result of the guest/s using the site inappropriately or in breach of these rules.

Maximum length of stay

Guests may stay at the caravan park for up to 6 weeks per stay.

At the Chief Executive Officer’s discretion, and if adequately demonstrated that the purpose of a guest’s stay is for ‘holiday purposes’, guests may be allowed to stay up to 12 weeks in one visit. Guests must apply for this extension and, if granted, must sign a document disclaiming their rights (if any) under the Residential Tenancy and Rooming Accommodation Act (Qld) 2008 and any other relevant tenancy legislation, as a condition of the extended period of stay.

Guests who have stayed at the caravan park for between 3 and 6 consecutive weeks and wish to return for a further period must vacate the caravan park for a minimum period of 4 weeks before returning to the caravan park.

All guests are limited to stay at the caravan park for a maximum combined stay of 24 weeks per annum.

Security and security cards

Guests must secure items of value on or about their tent, caravan, cottage or cabin during the length of their stay. Council will not be liable for any theft or damage to guests’ items, except if Council or the Park Managers have acted in a negligent way.

$20.00 cash deposit is required for an additional security card. The security card deposit will be refunded upon return of both security cards.

Use of facilities

Guests must use the facilities provided for their proper purpose.

Wilful and accidental damage to caravan park property will result in the guest being charged:

  • full replacement costs of the damaged facility
  • a repair fee.

Recreation activities

Bicycles and scooters are only permitted to be ridden in the caravan park:

  • between the hours of 7:30 AM and dusk
  • if ridden at 8 kilometres per hour (walking pace) or slower.

Bicycles and scooters must not be left on the roadways or pathways.

Helmets must be worn and children riding bicycles and scooters are to be supervised at all times.

Rollerblades, skateboards, and noisy or motorised toys are not permitted in the caravan park.


In case of fire or other emergency, guests must follow evacuation procedures and make their way to the evacuation assembly point as displayed throughout the caravan park.

Vehicles/speed limit

Vehicles must be driven at 8 kilometres per hour (walking pace) or slower.

Guest's motor vehicles, boats and trailers are not permitted in the caravan park unless otherwise approved by the Park Manager.

Repairing or dismantling of motor vehicles or boats is strictly prohibited.

Vehicles must not be parked on roadways.

Unregistered or unroadworthy vehicles, boats or trailers are not allowed in the caravan park.

Washing of motor vehicles or boats within the caravan park is not permitted. 

Noise, nuisance and illegal activity

At all times, noise must be kept to a minimum, at the Park Manager's discretion, and guests must not cause a nuisance to other caravan park guests.

Noise from radios, televisions and social gatherings must be kept to a minimum.

Generators are not permitted in the caravan park at any time.

Illegal substance use, illegal activity, excessive use of alcohol, disruptive behaviour, indecent exposure, public nudity, lewd behaviour and acts of violence or abuse within the caravan park will be reported to the police.

No smoking

All buildings and areas within 5 metres of doorways or designated eating areas are smoke-free zones.

Smoking is not permitted inside any of the caravan park buildings or communal areas, e.g. cottage, cabin, reception, laundry, amenities blocks, BBQ area etc.

Smoking is also banned within 10 metres of in-use campsites and any public facilities such as picnic tables, toilet blocks, barbecues and shelters.

Guests and their visitors must comply with the applicable Queensland Government Smoking Laws in place at all times.

Water and dump point

Water usage must comply with the level of water restrictions at the time of stay.

The Queensland Water Commission recommendations for water usage are as follows:

  • spend less than four (4) minutes in the shower
  • turn off taps when not in use
  • only run a full load of dishes or laundry
  • use economy settings on washing machines.

All water leaks must be reported to the Park Manager as soon as possible.

All grey and black water must be emptied into the designated dump point only.


Guests are welcome to invite their visitors to attend the caravan park during the hours of 7:30 AM and 10:00 PM, but only on the following conditions:

  • the guest is also present at the caravan park for the duration that the visitor attends the caravan park
  • the visitor's motor vehicle must not be parked within the caravan park
  • the actions of a guest's visitor will be the responsibility of the guest, and the guest will be liable for any damage caused by their visitor/s.

The Park Manager may remove an unruly or disruptive visitor from the caravan park.


Guests are prohibited from:

  • tying ropes or lines to trees
  • climbing trees. 


Guests must bag and wrap their garbage before placing in the provided rubbish bins.

Recycling bins are to be used for designated recyclables only.

Cleaning or disposal of fish in the caravan park is not permitted.

Rubbish bins must not be removed from designated areas.


Only one (1) extension cord with 15 amp lead and terminals shall be connected to the caravan park supply. A second extension cord or a 10 amp supply cord will be disconnected. Cords and leads must not be placed in such a way that it might become a trip hazard or cross roadways and walkways.

Double adaptors in power heads are prohibited.

A guest will be liable for the repair costs for any damage to power heads, as determined by the caravan park's electrician to have been caused by abuse and/ or overuse.

Guests are prohibited from tampering with, altering, modifying, or otherwise interfering with any electrical equipment, power outlets, meters, structures, and apparatus or like electrical fixtures and fittings.

Indemnity, release and other conditions of stay

Guests agree to indemnify the Council, its servants and agents, and to keep them indemnified, against all actions, claims, demands, loss, damage, injury, costs and expenses arising from, or in any way connected with, negligence or breach of these caravan park rules by guests or their visitors.

Guests agree to release the Council, its servants and agents to the full extent permitted by law from all actions, claims and demands of any kind for, or resulting from any loss or damage suffered by, or the death of, or injury to, anyone in any way as a result of negligence or breach of these caravan park rules by guests or their visitors.

Guests accept all responsibility for costs incurred as a result of damage, expense or loss of any kind caused by them or their visitors to the caravan park.

Guests accept all responsibility, and acknowledge neither the Council nor its servants or agents can be held liable in anyway whatsoever, for any damage or theft to property belonging to guests or their visitors, including as a result of power supply being connected or disconnected to guests' caravans/ motor homes/ tents.

The indemnity and release referred to in these caravan park rules survive the termination or expiration of the guests' stay.