Road verge planting

The road verge forms part of the road reserve between the kerb and the front property boundary, or where no kerb exists, between the table-drain and the front property boundary and is controlled and managed by Council.

The guidelines have been developed to inform residents of their obligations and the conditions associated with undertaking plantings within the road verge, on Council controlled roads. Residents are required to fully comply with these guidelines when creating a new verge garden.

Council acknowledges that verge gardens exist which pre-date the guidelines. It is not intended to require those verge gardens to comply with the guidelines unless public safety and pedestrian access issues are raised with Council.

Constructing a verge garden

Review the Road verge planting guidelines(PDF, 1MB) then complete the New community plantings within the road verge checklist(PDF, 175KB).

Note that all responses to the checklist questions must be yes for your proposal to comply.

Verge planting example
A good example of a compliant verge planting and how it should be maintained.

Once you have submitted the completed checklist, with accompanying sketch of your proposed verge garden, to Council you may commence construction.