Rate notice issue and calculation

Council issues rate notices quarterly in July, October, January and April and they are due and payable 30 days after the issue date on the notice.

Contact Council for a copy of your rates notice.

How are rates calculated

A rate notice may contain some or all the following rates and charges. Further details on the charges outlined are included in the current year's Budget and Operational Plan - Revenue Statement.

Contact Council for further details on the calculation of this levy.

General rate

Each property is placed in a differential rating category for calculating the general rate. Differential rating categories are explained further in the Revenue Statement. 

The General rate is calculated on each property by multiplying the land valuation by the rate in the dollar for its respective differential rating category.

Council will apply a minimum general rate where applicable and, in some cases, cap the increase from the previous year's rate for each differential rating category.

The Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) issues the land valuation for each property each year and advises property owners accordingly.

The current Land Valuation is included on your rate notice. You can also view your property’s Land Valuation on the Queensland Government website.

Regional infrastructure and environment charge

This charge is used to:

  • enhance and rehabilitate transport and stormwater infrastructure to benefit the entire region
  • to acquire, restore and rehabilitate land to conserve the region’s ecological communities and environmental values for the benefit of the community now and in the future.

Garbage charge (waste management)

This charge covers the cost associated with collection and disposal of rubbish from wheelie bins and bulk bins, and the operational costs of Council's waste disposal facilities.

The annual charge depends on the type of service provided.

Special charges

Special rates are charged for services, facilities and activities that have an association with particular properties within the region. Council's special rates include:

  • Rural Fire Brigade special charge
  • Rural Recycling and Waste Management special charge
  • Commercial Waste Management special charge
  • North Lakes enhanced services special charge
  • Newport canal maintenance special charge
  • Pacific Harbour canal maintenance special charge
  • Bribie Gardens canal maintenance special charge
  • Redcliffe Aerodrome special charge.

Emergency management levy

Councils collect the Emergency Management Levy on behalf of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service. It is levied to owners of prescribed properties in accordance with the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990.

Categorisation of land for differential general rate

Before a local government levies differential general rates, it must decide the different categories of rateable land in the local government area (Part 5 Division 1 Local Government Regulation 2012). After the rating categories and descriptions have been decided, the local government must identify the rating category to which each parcel of rateable land in the local government area belongs. This is achieved by using relevant information from the Council's land record and any other information in the Council's possession which identifies the use of rateable land. 

Right of objection

If you do not agree with the rating category into which your property has been placed, you may lodge an objection with Council within 30 days after the date of issue of the rate notice.

Objections must be submitted on the Notice of Objection form or by calling our Customer Service Centre on 1300 522 192. This form has been designed to assist you in correctly lodging an objection to the categorisation of land, however if you have any queries concerning your right of objection, please contact Council. 

The only grounds for objecting is that the owner considers the land should belong to a different rating category (Part 5 Division 4 Local Government Regulation 2012). 

Note that giving a notice of objection will not in the meantime affect the levy and recovery of the rates as specified in the rates notice. If as a result of your objection your property is included in another rating category, an appropriate adjustment of rates will be made from the commencement of the quarter in which your objection was lodged. The adjustment will be notified to you in writing.