Wahminda Cycle Link


The Wahminda Cycle Link will connect Ferny Hills to the historically-significant Samford Valley Rail Trail via Samford Road and Wahminda Park.

Just minutes north of Brisbane’s CBD, the Rail Trail winds its way from Ferny Grove Station to Samford Village - a scenic 8.3km ride along the Lanita, McLean, Petersen and Camp Mountain roads. The Rail Trail mirrors the route of the old Dayboro Railway Line, which was decommissioned between Ferny Grove Station and Dayboro Station in 1955 after World War II.

The Wahminda Cycle Link will be an exciting addition to the Rail Trail, providing travellers with a tranquil place in Wahminda Park to stop-over along their journey. It will also provide a connection to the Rail Trail via Ferny Hills.

Following feedback from the community, council has committed to conserving and rehabilitating the pond at Wahminda Park as part of this significant project. Work is nearing completion on two elements of the Wahminda Cycle Link, including the Kedron Brook Bridge and Samford Road pathway.

Council is finalising the designs for the next stage of work, which will connect these two elements through Wahminda Park via a pathway which winds its way around the south-eastern edge of the pond.

Council has already started a replanting program which will see more than 3,600 native species including grasses, shrubs and trees, planted throughout Wahminda Park and around the pond to restore and enhance its natural character. Invasive weeds, including lantana, have been removed from around the site to make way for native species and the next stage of work.

Council is also exploring options for interpretative signage in Wahminda Park which will focus on the history and environmental values of the area.


Wahminda Park, 247 Lanita Road, Ferny Hills 4055  View map

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After World War II and construction of Samford Road, passenger traffic on the Dayboro Railway Line declined and authorities made the decision to decommission the line north of Ferny Grove in 1955. A tragic incident in the years leading up to the decommissioning might also have contributed to the waning patronage on the Dayboro Railway Line.

On 5 May 1947 a crowded picnic train carrying 215 passengers derailed on a sharp left-hand curve between the Ferny Grove and Camp Mountain Stations. It was one of several services departing from Roma Street that day on a journey to a picnic venue at Closeburn to celebrate the Labour Day public holiday. Most of the passengers were Customs employees and their families. Tragically, 16 people lost their lives in the incident and another 38 were injured. The Supreme Court of Queensland led an inquiry into the incident which found driver inexperience and excessive speed led to the tragedy on that fateful day. The accident site is commemorated with a stone cairn and plaque on the northern side of McLean Road.