Cedar Creek Road, Cedar Creek - Road Upgrade

Road works in progress

As part of the Road Safety Improvement program, Council is planning to upgrade a 380-metre section (approximate) of Cedar Creek Road between the western boundary of 4 Panorama Drive and the Cedar Creek Road / Panorama Drive intersection in Cedar Creek. The project aims to provide an improved road alignment for the road segment to increase road safety for all users.

The project scope includes:

  • realigning the road to the north to provide a consistent curve radius
  • widening the road formation to provide wider travel lanes and sealed shoulders
  • raising the road formation on the outside of the curve to improve traction for motorists
  • installing new chevron alignment markers to increase awareness of the curve
  • reconstructing table drains and upgrading the existing stormwater pipes
  • reconstructing the road pavement to improve the surface conditions and design life
  • reconstructing driveways at 322 and 344 Cedar Creek Road to tie into the new road
  • and removing trees to accommodate the reconstructed road alignment and improve road safety.

The proposed scope of works is indicatively shown in the upgrade consultation plan(PDF, 3MB).

The project is currently being designed with construction proposed to occur during the latter half of this financial year (2022/2023).

However, these timeframes are indicative only and subject to change. A works notification will be provided closer to the time of construction advising exact dates.

322 Cedar Creek Road, Cedar Creek, 4520