Public transport network

Closes 22 July 2020

Public transport network - buses

Moreton Bay Regional Council are collecting feedback from the community on public transport in the region.

Feedback is being sought on the following:

  • service frequency
  • passenger comfort
  • delays
  • routes
  • travel time
  • overcrowding
  • service information
  • quality and cleanliness
  • access
  • facilities
  • safety and security

Other relevant issues or suggestions can be raised, for example, experience gained from utilising public transport systems in other countries, real time information, digital technology.

The information gathered will be used to assist with future planning for the region. 

Anyone who lives, works or has any interest in the Moreton Bay Council Region is encouraged to provide their feedback.

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To leave feedback, click the link below and follow these steps:

  1. Click and drag one of the icons from the right side of the map:
    1. If your feedback relates to train services use the train icon
    2. If your feedback relates to bus services use the bus icon
    3. For all other feedback use the other icon.
  2. Place the icon in the location where the feedback relates.
  3. Fill in the details and provide your comments in the panel.
  4. Click add comment.

Only your name and comment will be publicly visible.

If you need help, or are unable to complete this application online contact Council.

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