Road safety upgrade - Mount Nebo Road, Mount Nebo

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Council has awarded a $700,000 contract to carry out road safety improvements on two sections of Mount Nebo Road. This includes a road curve upgrade near Jolly’s Lookout and improvements to Mount Nebo Road near Darcy Kelly Road intersection.

The project will include:

  • Curve widening
  • Improving superelevation
  • Enhancing delineation and signage
  • Installing crash barriers (Darcy Kelly section only)

Project note

  • The road curve upgrade near Jolly’s Lookout reached practical completion mid July.
  • The road curve upgrade near Darcy Kelly Road reached practical completion on 3 October 2019.
  • No further project works are expected at these locations.


Jolly’s Lookout, 1044 Mount Nebo Road, Mount Nebo 4520  View map

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