Max Morton Park pathway construction

Council has now completed the preliminary design phase of the Max Morton Park - Plucks Road to Minto Crescent Pathway project in Arana Hills. The aim of the project is to provide improved connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists heading north and south, and to provide a safer alternative to Dawson Parade for cyclists.

Council have undertaken a detailed investigation into the available options for the site, which included various alignments of switch-back ramps and stairs. Through this process, it was determined that stairs were the only affordable and achievable option, with the added benefit of minimising the impacts on the adjacent residents and existing vegetation. The stairs and pathway will include:

  • a cycle ‘push’ ramp adjacent to the stairs
  • earthworks and drainage works to minimise impacts on adjacent residences
  • improvements to affected residential driveways, and installation of better maintenance accesses
  • LED lighting
  • landscaping
  • an improved pathway between the new stairs and the Plucks Road/South Pine Road intersection.


Between Plucks Road and Minto Crescent, Arana Hills 4054  View map

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