Kedron Brook Bridge, Ferny Hills

Kedron Creek Bridge banner

The Kedron Brook Bridge project involves the construction of a 26 metre long cycle and pedestrian bridge over Kedron Brook, to connect Wahminda Park, Ferny Hills to the Samford Valley Rail Trail on Lanita Road. It also includes over 800 metres of new 3 metre wide connecting pathway along Samford Road.

The project proposes the following features:

  • a 26 metre-long, 3 metre-wide cycle and pedestrian bridge with a reinforced concrete deck (near the tennis courts) to the southern side of Kedron Brook, connecting to Lanita Road
  • bicycle and pedestrian handrails
  • decorative bridge panelling to blend into the bushland environment
  • 800 metres of connecting pathways on Samford Road, including surface upgrades and formalisation of parking on Baiden Lane
  • wayfinding signage
  • landscaping.

The design for the project is jointly funded by Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, through the Cycle Network Grants Program.

It is intended that this project will provide a future connection to the proposed upgrade of the Samford Road shared pathway. 


Wahminda Park, 247 Lanita Road, Ferny Hills 4055  View map

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