Henry Road, Griffin - road upgrade

Roads project

Council has allocated an $11.5 million budget over two financial years (2020/21 and 2021/22) to upgrade Henry Road, Griffin. This amount includes an Australian Government contribution of $4 million.

The funds are expected to cover the cost for:

  • upgrading the existing Henry Road alignment
  • upgrading the existing intersection at Henry Rd/Dohles Rocks Road
  • providing a new intersection on Henry Rd for the future Griffin Sports Complex. 

While the upgrade of Henry Road will retain the existing alignment and two-lane cross section, it will improve road safety, road surface and increase the road width (e.g. road shoulders). The roadworks will also include making the road less flood prone.

The intersection of Henry Road and Dohles Rocks Road will be upgraded to improve road safety and cater for increasing demand resulting from the growing local residential population and use of nearby facilities, such as the recently upgraded boat ramp and the future Griffin sports complex.

Council has assessed the options for the intersection, comparing the benefits and need for either a roundabout, traffic signals and/or reprioritisation of the intersection. The assessment has concluded traffic signals will provide a greater benefit to the increasing local traffic and pedestrian demand on Dohles Rocks Rd and the future Griffin sports complex. Council will undertake broader community consultation late 2020 on this and the broader project once engineering design has sufficiently progressed.

The timing of these two road upgrades, as with the new intersection at the Griffin Sports complex, will be dependent upon construction progress of the sports complex itself, also scheduled to occur over this and the next financial year (i.e. 2020/21 and 2021/22). 

Associated works with each of the above upgrades will also include an improved off-road local pathway network connecting existing paths to the new sports complex and continuing along Dohles Rocks Rd. Path lighting, along with adequate intersection lighting, will also be considered. 

Council’s intention is to complete these works in 2022, subject to meeting regulatory and environmental approvals, budget requirements as well as weather and site conditions.


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