Griffin Sports Complex project update

Published 02 September 2021

Works Currently Underway: 

  • roofing to all buildings
  • structural steel for the exterior awning of the main building
  • door and window installation to the main building
  • door and roller door installation for the storage and irrigation buildings
  • air conditioning services to the main building
  • electrical to the main building
  • field fencing to fields 2 and 3
  • topsoil spread, the addition of organic amendments and levelling to field 3
  • footpath works ongoing around the eastern areas and buildings
  • drainage installation, bio basins, pipes and open drains
  • field light installation for fields 2 and 3
  • subgrade preparation for the start of field 2 construction
  • earthworks to the southern end of fields 1 and 2
  • irrigation installation to field 3
  • running electrical conduits to field 1 lighting 

Upcoming Works (weather permitting): 

  • finalisation of the roofing including awning and gutters to the main building
  • flashings and exterior wall framing on the main building
  • electrical installation ongoing to all buildings
  • internal partition walls to the main building
  • wall and ceiling linings to the main building
  • field 3 laying of turf and beginning of establishment
  • field 2 subgrade preparation
  • field 2 installation of the irrigation drainage and feed pipes
  • field 1 start of subgrade trim
  • landscaping of the eastern end of site and start of establishment



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