Bribie Gardens Estate vegetation removal

Council has programmed works for the removal of marine plants from within the Bribie Gardens Canal system. The works are planned to take place in early July 2020, dependent on weather and tidal conditions.

The removal of the marine plants is a scheduled, standard, recurring maintenance activity which is being done in accordance with the following:

The growth of marine plants in artificial waterways/canals can have negative impacts, including:

  • Undermining and displacement of structures such as canal revetment walls (in particular, the impact of plant root systems)
  • Acting as a litter trap for floating debris (including dead fauna)
  • Leading to increased siltation on canal batters and encroach upon navigation channels
  • Limiting access for other maintenance operations (for example, to stormwater drains).

It is necessary to remove marine plants from time to time. During the vegetation removal a small workboat will be deployed to those areas affected by specific marine plant growth and all plant removal work is expected to be done from the water.

Bribie Gardens mangrove removal sites
Examples of vegetation to be removed

Bribie Gardens mangrove removal sites
Example of vegetation to be removed


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