Road works - Brays Road/McClintock Drive, Murrumba Downs

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In 2016, the section of Brays Road between Anzac Avenue and Moreton Street, Murrumba Downs was upgraded as part of the Moreton Bay Rail Link project. Council is now extending this upgrade from Moreton Street to Twin Lakes Drive and along McClintock Drive to Black Duck Creek. 

Proposed improvements include:

  • Brays Road to be widened to four traffic lanes, consistent with the 2016 construction works
  • three new sets of synchronised traffic lights at the intersections with Moreton Street, Normanby Road and McClintock Drive
  • each new set of traffic lights to include pedestrian crossing facilities
  • new on-road bicycle lane facilities along Brays Road and McClintock Drive
  • a new roundabout at the intersection of Brays Road and Twin Lakes Drive
  • existing vegetation to be retained as much as possible. 


Brays Road and McClintock Drive, Murrumba Downs 4503  View map

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