Bongaree seawall stabilisation

Moreton Bay Regional Council has completed works along Welsby Parade Park Foreshore, between Dolphin Drive and Hall Avenue, Bongaree.
The work included:

  • Seawall stabilisation works

The project is now complete.


Welsby Parade, Bongaree 4507  View map

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Existing seawall

Existing seawall
  1. Seawall damage - cracking, slipping, rotation
  2. Toe scour
  3. Sinkholes

Planned repairs

Planned repairs
  1. Repair existing seawall
  2. Extend steps and toe - attach to existing wall
  3. Replenish sand
  4. PVC sheet pile retaining wall
  5. Sub-surface gravel for drainage
  6. Reinstate parkland landscaping