Black Duck Lake System - improvements

Moreton Bay Regional Council have completed the lake improvement works at the Black Duck Lake System, between Castle Hill Drive and McClintock Drive, Murrumba Downs.

Black duck lakes
HAY: The unique numbering system used for Black Duck Lake refers to its watershed catchment - Hays Inlet. The Black Duck Lake system discharges into Freshwater Creek which in turn discharges into Hays Inlet.

The Lake Rectification work at Black Duck lake system has be completed. The rectification project has provided specialised improvements to the constructed lake and wetland system and will enable better management and maintenance of the system into the future.

The rectification work delivered the following improvements:

  • Maintenance access to each waterbody will allow safe access to undertake weed,  litter collection and vegetation management throughout the lake system.
  • Formalised stormwater inlets including rock lined vegetated swales to promote free draining movement of inflows and provide erosion and scour protection.


  • Infill planting of wetland plants (macrophytes) around the waterbody margins to improve water quality, stabilise margins and provide habitat.
  • Infill planting in the terrestrial areas around the waterbodies to provide bank stabilisation, erosion and scour protection, improve habitat and amenity.

The rehabilitation of the constructed wetland (HAY_16) downstream Dohles Rocks Road will improve the water quality function within the creek system with the provision of safe access for all maintenance activities.

Regular maintenance is now scheduled monthly, this includes litter collection, weed management and infill planting to encourage the successful establishment of newly planted vegetation.


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