Road Rehabilitation, Streetscape and Drainage Upgrade - Archer Street

Archer Street Woodford

This project will help to establish an attractive and functional streetscape that improves pedestrian safety, revitalises existing pathways, increases existing landscape amenity, upgrades the stormwater infrastructure and rehabilitates the existing pavement.

The Archer Street streetscape upgrade project will include the following improvements:

  • car park rationalisation
  • formalisation of slip lane access points onto the D'aguilar Highway
  • footpath renewal and upgrades to achieve a consistent finish
  • raised zebra crossings to provide at grade pedestrian access from TMR installed pedestrian activated traffic signals
  • memorial tree garden bed restoration and improvements
  • retention of existing heavy vehicle and caravan shoulder parking
  • increase in designated motor cycle parking
  • upgrade of existing drainage infrastructure where applicable
  • road rehabilitation and resurfacing works as part of this project
  • construction of gateway entrance / exit into archer street to create a sense of place.


Archer Street, Woodford 4514  View map

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