Signalisation - Aerodrome Road, Caboolture

Roads project

The section of Aerodrome Road between Bribie Island Road and Piper Street, along with the Lear Jet Drive intersection represents a main entry point and 'gateway' into this busy commercial and industrial precinct.

In response to increasing congestion and a history of crashes at this intersection Council has investigated ways to improve its efficiency and safety and provide safe pedestrian crossing facilities.

Project objectives

  • Reduce traffic congestion and improve overall efficiency considering changes in flow throughout the day
  • Improve safety for all road users by reducing potential conflicts and clarifying decision making where possible
  • Provide pedestrian crossing opportunities
  • Balance the varying needs of area stakeholders including property owners, business owners and their customers, the greater community, council and Transport and Main Roads Department
  • Retain on-street parking opportunities where possible

Improvement proposal

Council has finalised detail design plans to install traffic signals at the intersection of Aerodrome Road and the southern leg of Lear Jet Drive.

Also included is reconstruction of road pavement along Aerodrome Road for approximately 340 metres from Lear Jet Drive (south) to #44 to address the deteriorated road condition.

This will result in the following outcomes: 

  • minor road widening along the western side of Aerodrome Road between Bribie Island Road and Lear Jet Drive and to both corners of Lear Jet Drive at Aerodrome Road intersection
  • exiting to Bribie Island Road an additional right-turn lane is added in Aerodrome Road for turns into Lear Jet Drive
  • entering from Bribie Island Road, the left turn slip-lane into Lear Jet Drive is retained (unsignalised) but will be separated from through traffic by a raised island. A zebra crossing is provided for pedestrians to cross the left-turn lane
  • in Aerodrome Road a separate right-turn lane clear of through traffic is created for turns into Piper Street
  • in Lear Jet Drive two exit lanes will be provided at Aerodrome Road:
    • the left (kerbside) lane for all turns (left, straight-on and right turns)
    • the second for right turns to Bribie Island Road
  • travelling south along Aerodrome Road at Lear Jet Drive -
    • a single through lane is retained to Bribie Island Road
    • a new right-turn lane is provided for turns into Lear Jet Drive
  • on-street parking will not be available on Aerodrome Road between Bribie Island Road and Piper Street, and along Lear Jet Drive from Aerodrome Road almost to Boeing Place to provide for the additional lanes
  • pedestrian crossings are included across Lear Jet Drive and the northern leg of Aerodrome Road
  • entry into the Holden dealership will be signalised; exits are unsignalized,
  • access to and from some businesses along Aerodrome Road between Lear Jet Drive and Piper Street will change due to the new raised median in Aerodrome Road
  • the access to #11 (Animal Warehouse & AOK Tyres) will be signalised as a fourth leg to the Lear Jet Drive intersection. This access will be available for all turns in and out
  • property accesses in the intersection upgrade area will be widened and reconstructed to ensure that access to existing businesses is maintained for the size of vehicles currently using each site
  • changes to some internal carparking areas due to widened driveways, including remarking or extending the parking areas.

A future stage will follow see reconstruction of Aerodrome Road extended through to McNaught Road, including widening on the eastern side to provide a parking lane and concrete pathway.

Proposed layout

A concept plan(PDF, 1MB) has been prepared showing the project scope and extents.


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