Permitted business in a public place

Conducting a commercial activity on Council controlled land requires an approval under Local Law No 1 (Administration) 2011. 

This permit type applies to all businesses that provide a service but do not involve the sale of any goods. For example, face painting, small scale entertainment activities and hire of goods such as paddleboards, deck chairs and umbrellas. includes group activities such as fitness boot camps and yoga classes. It also includes group activities such as fitness, boot camps and yoga classes. 

Council is also currently accepting applications under the Moreton Bay Pop-Ups Program. To find out more information and apply, please see the Moreton Bay Pop-Ups Expression of Interest Documentation available on the Moreton Bay Pop-Ups Program page on Council’s website and complete the required documents.  

Customers wanting to conduct such a business on Council land should lodge the Permitted Business in a Public Space application and pay the relevant fee.