Review an infringement

If you have been issued an infringement and believe there may be cause for it to be withdrawn, you may request Council to review the fine.

Requests for review may be lodged with council:

  • within 28 days of infringement issue date and/or
  • 28 days after the date the infringement reminder is sent.

An infringement may be withdrawn in the following circumstances:

  • an exemption from the law
  • reasonable excuse (e.g. compassionate grounds, emergency medical reason or circumstance)
  • an error on the infringement notice
  • vehicle related offences (vehicle sold, vehicle stolen or unknown user).

Lodging a review

It is important that you provide sufficient supporting evidence when you lodge your request for a review to have an infringement withdrawn. This helps Council to make an informed decision. 

Complete the online form to lodge a review of any infringement type. The first questions have been pre-filled for you to make sure the request goes through to the department for parking, abandoned vehicles, and other infringements.

Lodge review

Providing evidence and additional information

All supporting evidence must be attached to support the reason for requesting an infringement to be withdrawn:

  • photographs of incorrect or missing regulatory signage
  • documents that support medical or compassionate grounds
  • copies of permits or disabled permits not displayed at the time of the offence
  • building approvals or private certifier documents
  • receipts or evidence to support the mechanical reason for why the vehicle was parked illegally
  • Statutory declaration(PDF, 43KB) advising:
    • the vehicle has been sold (copy of transfer papers or receipt of sale must be provided) or otherwise disposed of
    • illegal use (written advice or crime report from the Queensland Police Service must be provided)
    • the vehicle owner was not the driver of the vehicle at the time of the offence and nominate the name and contact details of the driver at the time the infringement notice was issued
    • the vehicle was being used by another person at the time of the offence but the driver at the time the infringement notice was issued, is unable to be identified.