Regional ecosystem plant list

List of plants for the common Regional Ecosystems found in the Moreton Bay Region.

Regional Ecosystem 12.1.1 - Swamp she oak (Casuarina glauca) forest(PDF, 234KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.1.3 - Mangrove shrubland to low closed forest(PDF, 273KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.2.5 - Mixed coastal forest(PDF, 332KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.2.12 - Closed or wet heath(PDF, 256KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.3.1 - Riparian rainforest(PDF, 266KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.3.5 - Floodplain broadleaf paperbark (Melaleuca quinquenervia) open forest to woodland(PDF, 435KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.3.6 - Coastal floodplain grassy broadleaf paperbark (Melaleuca quinquenervia) blue gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis) and swampbox (Lophostemon suaveolens) open forest to woodland(PDF, 274KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.3.11 - Floodplain blue gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis) open forest(PDF, 490KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.3.14a - Floodplain scribbly gum (Eucalyptus racemosa subsp. racemosa) woodland to open forest(PDF, 390KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.5.2 - Blue gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis) and pink bloodwood (Corymbia intermedia) grassy open - forest to woodland(PDF, 378KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.5.3 - White stringbark (Eucalyptus tindaliae) and/or scribbly gum (E. racemosa subsp.racemosa) open forest(PDF, 348KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.9-10.4 - Scribbly gum (Eucalyptus racemosa subsp. racemosa) open forest to woodland(PDF, 377KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.9-10.17 - Mixed open gum forest(PDF, 272KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.11.2 - Tall open gum forest with rainforest understorey (wet sclerophyll)(PDF, 263KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.11.3 - Open forest with grey ironbark (Eucalyptus siderophloia) and small-fruited grey gum (E. propinqua)(PDF, 457KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.11.5 - Mixed open gum forest, with spotted gum (Corymbia citriodora)(PDF, 428KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.11.10 - White booyong (Argyrodendron trifoliatum) rainforest, sometimes with hoop pine (Araucaria cunninghamii)(PDF, 265KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.11.14 - Narrow-leaf ironbark (Eucalyptus crebra) and blue gum (E. tereticornis) grassy woodland(PDF, 181KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.11.18 - Gum-topped box (Eucalyptus moluccana) open forest(PDF, 274KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.12.2 - Blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis) tall open-forest with shrubby understorey(PDF, 266KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.12.12 - Blue gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis) and narrow-leaf ironbark (E. crebra) (sometimes E. siderophloia) open-forest to woodland(PDF, 433KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.12.15 - Open-forest with small-fruited grey gum (Eucalyptus propinqua), pink bloodwood (Corymbia intermedia) and grey ironbark (E. siderophloia)(PDF, 386KB)

Regional Ecosystem 12.12.23 - Open forest to woodland, generally with blue gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis)(PDF, 282KB)