Flood relief rates rebate and financial assistance

Council understands many Moreton Bay residents have been impacted by the recent weather event in one way or another. To assist with recovery, Council has supported the Financial hardship - Extreme weather event policy and has financial relief options available to eligible residents and small businesses.

If your property is unliveable and you are currently being housed at a different address, please update your contact details with Council.

Extension to due date

The due date for the April-June 2022 quarterly rates notice will be extended to 60 days.

Flood relief rates rebate

For owner-occupied properties that were inundated by rising flood water or rainfall and sustained significant damage during the 26 February 2022 extreme weather event, a one-off rates rebate of $250 is available. The rebate will be provided on the April to June 2022 quarterly rates notice due to be issued in early April 2022. In the event that the rebate is granted after the issue of the April to June 2022 quarterly rates notice, the rebate will be applied and the ratepayer notified via a supplementary rate notice.

To be eligible for a rates rebate:

  • the interior of the dwelling must have sustained damaged caused by inundation or rainfall; and
  • the dwelling is an owner occupied principal place of residence; and
  • the damage was significant.

Significant damage is:

  • Significant loss and/or damage to furniture, bedding and other household items contained within the dwelling; and/or
  • Substantial structural damage to the dwelling; and/or
  • Significant damage to floors, walls, cabinetry and electrical requiring substantial repairs/replacement.
  • For businesses structural damage to the building which is the premise where the business operates and/or damage/loss to stock, fit-out or equipment.

For the purpose of the flood relief rebate, a small business is:

  • one which operates in the MBRC local government area
  • who operates out of owned premises and pays rates
  • has an annual turnover of less than $1 million
  • employs less than 10 full-time equivalent staff.

This can be as a sole trader, partnership or proprietary limited company.

While we recognise that many in our community were impacted in many different ways during this event, the flood relief rates rebate is to provide assistance to those ratepayers who were most impacted by significant inundation or rainfall damage from the 26 February 2022 extreme weather event.  Unfortunately, the flood relief rates rebate is not available to all ratepayers who experienced damage.

The rebate is not eligible for damage sustained to:

  • yards, fences or gardens
  • external buildings such as garages and garden sheds and the contents contained within
  • pergola/verandah areas and the contents contained within
  • driveways
  • swimming pools
  • caravans, boats or vehicles.

If you meet the criteria to apply for the rebate:

Apply now

Applications close 31 May 2022.

Rates payment plan

If you are not eligible for the interest free financial hardship payment plan, but have been impacted by the flooding and require further time to make payment on your rates you are still able to enter into a rates payment plan to reduce any impacts you may be encountering at this time. Interest and other conditions apply. Find out more about rates payment plans.

Financial hardship - Extreme weather event

Council has introduced The Rates and Charges - Financial Hardship Policy (2150-113) to provide assistance to ratepayers who are experiencing financial hardship due to an unexpected event or unforeseen circumstances and as a result are having difficulty paying rates and charges.

Eligibility criteria for hardship:

  • The application must be made by the property owner
  • The property must be within the MBRC local government area and
    • Be in the R1, RA1, RV1 or U1O - U6O general rating categories - that is a residential property which is the principal place of residence of at least one of the owners; OR A small business is operated at the premises by the owner of the property and has an annual turnover of less than $1 million and employs less than 10 full-time equivalent staff.
    • The property must have been affected by flooding which must be substantiated by proof with application for hardship.

Those that were impacted by the weather event and are experiencing hardship can apply to enter an interest free repayment plan on their rates for up to 12 months under Council's Financial Hardship Policy. This has also been extended to small businesses. You can apply for assistance under the financial hardship policy online or by downloading the Application for assistance under the Rates and Charges - Financial Hardship Policy (2150-113)(PDF, 781KB).

Apply for Financial Hardship assistance

Community grants

Moreton Bay Recovery Fund

In recognition of the hardship currently being experienced by volunteers in our community, sport and recreation organisations as a result of the recent flood events, Council has supported the creation of a $1 million Moreton Bay Recovery Fund.

While Council continues to assess the damage in the community, guidelines are being developed and will be released shortly. Further communications will be distributed when the guidelines are finalised. For more informaiton or to complete a registration of interest, visit Moreton Bay Recovery Fund grant.

Moreton Bay Region Funding Finder

Community groups and businesses in the Moreton Bay Region affected by recent weather events are encouraged to visit Moreton Bay Region Funding Finder for information about disaster and emergency funding from a range of funding bodies as it becomes available. Use the red 'Quick list' button to access a directory of disaster grants.

New information is being added all the time so be sure to check for updates regularly or register with Funding Finder to receive alerts when suitable grants become available.

Other financial assistance

Government grants

Flood affected residents, organisations and businesses can access a range of government funding and support services to help recover from this natural disaster.

Visit the Queensland Government Help for Queenslanders website for State and Australian Government grants and payments, including:

For further information and support phone the State Government's Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349