Weather warnings - Frequently asked questions

On the 15th of August, 2022, the Bureau of Meteorology advised that Queensland might see a wet season during spring and summer.

Browse through our frequently asked questions and find out what Council has been doing to be better prepared for wet weather conditions.

Will there be extra maintenance for storm drains – and if so, what will it involve? 

Council has an extensive and ongoing maintenance program for our storm drains. By having more in-ground pipe inspections, Council can help ensure all pipes are free-flowing and free of any blockages from silt build-up or tree roots.

As soon as a severe weather forecast is issued, Council automatically checks storm drains 24-48 hours before the weather hits. This is to make sure all storm drains are serviceable and clear.

Storm drains affected by the floods earlier this year were due to the massive scale of the event, where flow volumes were much larger than the design capacity of the stormwater infrastructure.

Will extra sandbags be ordered? 

Council has replenished sandbag stocks since the last event. We have over 105,000 sandbags available for issue at our sandbag stations, with another 60,000 bags on order arriving in the coming months. 

Our sandbags are reusable. So, we need residents to re-use the bags from the last event, which can be done if they have been stored correctly. This not only means locals are ready to go with their own sandbags at home, but it also cuts down on the environmental waste that comes from disposal.

In response to the flood event in February-March this year, Council has increased its sandbag stocks by 1000 tonnes.

Is anything being done to shore up the foreshores that have already been affected this year? What would that involve? 

Council has ongoing maintenance activities that occur at our foreshore locations. This includes ongoing sand movements to protect our dunes.

Vegetation – With storm season ahead of us and soil already damp, what’s happening with large trees on Council property?

Council has a year-round inspection regime of Moreton Bay Region's tree network, which is undertaken by qualified tree inspectors. Large trees are continually monitored by Council on land that is close to important infrastructure or may be of a public safety concern. 

Where there is a high risk to injury or infrastructure, that vegetation will be removed or managed accordingly. This is after qualified professionals have assessed the area, to ensure Council follows all environmental management obligations.

Education – Will there be ‘Get Ready’ messaging from Council? What would that advice be? 

Council continues to support the Get Ready Queensland campaign. Council also conducts ongoing public information and engagement activities to encourage residents to:

  • know their risks
  • have a “What if Plan” 
  • and be resilient. 

The first step is for residents to access all the information available on our website. Our library staff can also help residents find information online to ‘know their risk’ and get ready. 

Signing up to MoretonAlert is a great way to keep informed before bad weather or a disaster hits. You can also read this useful checklist to prepare your home and property.

The road network was greatly affected earlier this year. Has Council caught up and will there be further works planned to prepare? 

Council has been very active over the last six months filling potholes and patching our roads.

We have repaired over 10,000 potholes since February. As the weather has improved, Council has undertaken significant amounts of major patching works to reduce the likelihood of the potholes reforming. We are taking advantage of the drier weather with these major patching works continuing over the coming months

How can residents report things of concern – trees that might topple, potholes, etc? 

For general maintenance requests, residents can call (07) 3205 0555, log a job online via our website, or by downloading the MBRC Request app

For urgent issues, please call (07) 3205 0555 or 1300 477 161 at any time, including after hours.