Prepare your school

Disaster preparedness for schools

The Queensland Department of Education is an important pillar within the Moreton Bay community and for significant periods has responsibility for our most valuable and vulnerable resource - our children.

They have allocated significant resources to ensure the safety and security of students, staff and other stakeholders engaged within educational precincts.

Useful information on how the Department is organised and resourced to prepare and respond to disaster events can be found on the Department of Education website

Teaching resources

The Year 5 Geography study area includes a unit on investigating how the impact of natural hazards on people and places can be reduced.

To assist teachers and students with this unit of study, Moreton Bay Regional Council has developed an online game that will enable everyone to better understand the risks and some appropriate actions to take when faced with severe weather events. Play the game and learn about natural disasters in the Moreton Bay Region.

Further support can be provided by Council's Disaster Management team either by a visit or provision of resources. Contact council for more information.

Play the disaster management game