Prepare your business

Is your business ready

The best way for your business to cope with a natural disaster is to have a plan before it strikes.

Here are some more steps you can take to help your business be prepared. 

Create a resilient business

  • identify the possible risks to your business (these may include flood, severe storms or bushfire)
  • prepare an emergency kit.

Prepare your staff

  • keep staff informed during a severe weather event
  • have a list of allocated tasks for staff to carry out before, during and after a disaster event
  • have an evacuation plan for your business and ensure all staff are aware of its contents
  • have a list of emergency contact numbers, including staff contacts
  • ensure your staff are trained in evacuation and first aid procedures.

Prepare stock and equipment

  • ensure enough stock is on hand to supply your business and customers after an event
  • identify any vehicles and equipment that may need relocating or protecting during an event
  • ensure there are enough spare parts on site to keep equipment operational after an event
  • plan for the possibility of an extended power outage (obtain a generator and fuel if needed to maintain your business during a power outage)
  • establish reciprocal help arrangements with similar businesses to provide support during and after the event.


  • check flood plans and records in your area using council’s free flood check report
  • ensure your building is in sound condition
  • trim overhanging branches and clear your property of loose items
  • clear guttering and downpipes
  • if applicable, form a wide firebreak around your buildings.


  • check there is adequate insurance to cover your business for different types of disaster
  • check with your insurance company whether there are any policy specific preparations you need to make prior to the event.

Business documentation and records

  • ensure critical documentation (insurance, financial, legal, and identification documents, etc.) is packed in a portable, waterproof container
  • back up critical data to a portable storage device and store it in a secure location or use cloud storage.

For more information, resources and tips on preparing your business, visit the Business Queensland website.