North Pine Dam Release

Published 21 May 2022

Seqwater advises that gate releases from North Pine Dam will begin at a rate of approximately 300 cubic metres per second from 8pm (2000hrs) today Saturday 21 May 2022.

Water levels will rise quickly and flooding may occur around rivers and creeks.

Potential Impacts in your Area

  • Low-lying fences, pumps and property may be flooded.
  • Parks and reserves along the river may be flooded.
  • Damage may occur to low lying fences, sheds and outbuildings.
  • JOYNER - Youngs Crossing Road at North Pine River will be closed.

What Should You Do?

  • Monitor local conditions
  • Contact Triple Zero (000) for emergency assistance.
  • Relocate to higher ground if necessary (Higher ground maps show these areas including common road closure points).
  • View the latest road conditions at council's website.
  • Tune in to your emergency broadcasters: ABC Radio 612AM, 101.5FM and 99.7FM.
  • Never drive, walk or ride through flood water. Most flood related deaths occur this way.

Previous Dam Release Rates

  • October 2010 peak 910 m3/s
  • January 2011 peak 2,850 m3/s
  • January 2013 peak 840 m3/s

Important Contacts