Request for mapping change

Any person may request Council to review overlay mapping if it is believed the mapping is incorrect.

A map change may be requested for the following overlay maps contained within the MBRC Planning Scheme:

A request to change a Flood Check property report may also be made.

Overlay mapping may only affect you if you intend to develop your land (e.g. extend or build, change use, subdivide, clear native vegetation, fill or excavate).

Mapping for the planning scheme has been created using a number of datasets and includes information provided by the State Government and meets the requirements of the State Planning Policy. For more information please see the mapping datasets information sheet.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the mapping included in the planning scheme is accurate. However, if you believe the mapping displayed in Council's planning scheme requires review, you can make a request to Council for a mapping change.

An example of a mapping error could include the Environmental Areas overlay map incorrectly showing an area of environmental significance over fully developed land, as shown below.

Before mapping challenge

Before review

After mapping challenge

After review

In this instance, Council would review the overlay map and information provided. If the change is agreed to, the applicant will receive a map showing the agreed change. The map will be formally updated through a planning scheme amendment as required.

A mapping change request may not be required if the map is due to be updated with the next scheduled planning scheme amendment. An example is when there has been an update to State government mapping that Council has reflected in an overlay map.

Who can apply?

Anyone can request a map change, however all applications must have property owner consent. See the property owners' consent form(PDF, 140KB).

How do I apply?

All requests must provide sufficient information to support the requested map change, including:

Additional information may be required depending on the nature of the request, including new contour information.

What happens next?

Once your application is accepted, Council will assess the information supplied, aerial photography and other relevant data available. If Council requires extra information you will be contacted.

Where a change in the mapping is agreed to, applicants will be sent a snapshot of the map change supported. The mapping change request will be linked to the property.

Please note that Council formally amends planning scheme overlay maps through the process prescribed in the Planning Act 2016. The mapping displayed on the website is periodically updated after these formal amendments are completed.

Where a change to the mapping is not approved, Council will provide a response detailing the reasons behind the decision. Decisions cannot be appealed.

For more information on requesting a map change, contact council.