MBRC Planning Scheme - Home-based business

A home-based business means the use of a dwelling or domestic outbuilding on premises for a business activity that is subordinate to the residential use of the premises.

Do I need council approval?

In most cases, council approval is not required for a Home-based business. A Home based business may be accepted development subject to requirements in the following zones and precincts:

  • General residential zone (all precincts)
  • Emerging community zone (all precincts)
  • Rural residential zone
  • Rural zone
  • Township zone (Residential precincts)
  • Centre zone (if not increasing the gross floor area by more than 80m2) and in the Caboolture, Morayfield, Strathpine, district or local centre precinct
  • Community facilities zone (Abbey precinct)

A home-based business that is accepted development subject to requirements does not require approval from council provided it complies with the relevant assessment benchmarks (requirements) outlined in the planning scheme. If the proposal does not comply with the relevant assessment benchmarks, a development application must be lodged with Council for approval.

Note: in some zones a home-based child care business does not require development approval. This is only the case where the premise is registered under the provisions of the Family Day Care Scheme as licensed under the Child Care (Family Day) Regulation 1991.

A home-based business is deemed assessable development, requiring impact assessment, in all zones other than those listed above, meaning a development application must be lodged with Council for approval.

Note: The use of a dwelling as a Bed and Breakfast changes the classification of the building. This requires a building development approval from a private building certifier to ensure it is compliant with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

To find out if development requires an application and the category of development and assessment refer to Part 5 - Tables of assessment in the planning scheme. Assessment benchmarks (requirements) for a home-based business are contained in the zone codes (Part 6) of the planning scheme. These requirements differ between zones and precincts.