MBRC Planning Scheme - Advertising devices

Regulating advertising devices

New applications for advertising devices (signs) may be assessed under either Council's Local Law OR the MBRC Planning Scheme, depending on the type of advertising device and the proposed location.

Table 1 details the method of assessment for signs on private and public land.

Table 1 - Assessment for advertising devices on public and private land

Proposed sign location Nature of sign i.e. permanent/temporary Assessment instrument
Public Land (e.g. council controlled land, crown land, road reserves etc) Temporary and permanent Local Law
Private Land Temporary or mobile Local Law
Private Land Permanent MBRC Planning Scheme

Council regulates the installation and display of advertising devices (signs) to ensure that they:

  • do not create visual clutter, visual dominance, overshadowing, or loss of outlook or view corridors;
  • do not affect cultural heritage values of a heritage site, item or object;
  • do not pose a hazard or nuisance for pedestrians, cyclists or motorists;
  • control lighting impact when illuminated;
  • do not give the impression of movement.

MBRC Planning Scheme - Advertising devices

An Advertising Device under the MBRC Planning Scheme is any permanent structure, device, sign or the like, intended for advertising purposes. This includes any framework, supporting structure or building feature that is provided exclusively or mainly as part of the advertisement.

The MBRC Planning Scheme has six classes of advertising devices. These include:

Advertising Device Class Description Examples
Awning An advertising device painted or otherwise affixed to an awning, verandah or the like. Under awning, awning face, above awning.
Fence An advertising device painted or otherwise affixed to a fence. Boundary fence, business name plate.
Freestanding An advertising device positioned on the ground or mounted on one or more vertical supports. Billboard, ground, pylon.
Projecting An advertising device attached or mounted at right angles to a building or structure. Projecting.
Roof An advertising device painted or otherwise affixed to the roof or parapet of a building. Created roofline, rooftop, sign written roof device.
Wall/Facade An advertising device painted or otherwise affixed to the wall or facade of a building or structure. Wall sign, facade sign.

Do I need Council approval?

In the first instance, advertising devices regulated by the MBRC Planning Scheme are accepted development subject to requirements (do not need council approval) provided they meet the relevant requirements for accepted development for size, design and location outlined in the Advertising devices code (section 9.4.4). Where the advertising device does not meet the requirements for accepted development, council approval is required.

The zone of your property determines the type of advertising devices allowed as well as their size, design and location.

Where regulated by Council’s Local Law, advertising devices may be self-assessable signs or licensable signs. Refer to local laws for more information.