Narangba East 2031


The State Government identifies Narangba East as a Local Development Area for future urban development as part of the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031.  

Council has prepared a comprehensive planning framework to guide the development of this area to ensure dwelling and employment targets envisaged for South East Queensland are achieved. 

The preparation of this Strategy is one of Council's projects to manage the forecasted growth within the region, while reinforcing the principles, policies and outcomes sought by the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031. 


The Narangba East Study Area is located towards the northern part of Moreton Bay Regional Council approximately 10 kilometres south of the Caboolture/Morayfield Principal Regional Activity Centre and about 35 kilometres to the north of the Brisbane Central Business District.  

It comprises an area of approximately 800 hectares extending three kilometres east to west and four kilometres north to south. 

It is almost wholly located between the main northern railway line to the west and the Bruce Highway to the east. The study area extends north to Pitt and New Settlement Roads and south to Boundary Road. The only part of the study area that extends to the west of the railway line is the existing commercial centre and adjacent residential areas near to the Narangba Railway Station.

Narangba study map


The local area planning process has involved the development of:

  • Structure Plan - to guide future infrastructure and planning development decisions
  • Land Use and Infrastructure Strategies - to guide the implementation of the Structure Plan
  • Implementation Plan - to support the implementation of the Strategy and achieve the vision for the area.

The Narangba East Strategy was adopted by Council on the 20 November 2012.  

The finalised Strategy provides Council, State Agencies, land owners, developers, and the community with the policy provisions to transform this area from a fragmented rural residential area into a thriving community.

Structure plan

Narangba East structure plan thumbnail

View structure plan(PDF, 561KB)

Sequencing plan

Narangba East sequencing strategy - thumbnail

View sequencing strategy(PDF, 461KB)

The finalised Strategy provides a sound and sustainable settlement pattern framed by an extensive greenspace network supported by an integrated infrastructure network.

The Narangba East Strategy has been used to inform the provisions of Council's planning scheme.  It is important to note that not all of its components have been directly included in the planning scheme as the preparation of the strategy preceded the planning scheme preparation process.  A number of the land use, place making and infrastructure outcomes of the Strategy were modified, such as densities and the spatial allocation of zones, in order to align with the strategic outcomes sought by the planning scheme. 

Other components such as the management of environmental areas has been superseded by the introduction of the state legislation in 2014 and in response to issues raised during the community consultation which occurred in 2014 and 2015 for the planning scheme.  This has resulted in the ongoing refinement of the environmental and offsets overlays of the planning scheme. 

Council will also be undertaking more detailed design and infrastructure planning work for the area identified as stage 3 in the sequencing strategy.  The outcomes of this work will inform future amendments to the planning scheme.