MB+ customer service initiatives

With a commitment to implement a fully integrated multi-disciplinary service delivery model that exceeds your expectations, our mbplus customer service initiative aligns our products and services to our customers' expectations.

The Customer Service Charter(PDF, 202KB) was developed in response to customer feedback in an effort to continually improve overall customer satisfaction levels by measuring and being accountable for our performance. The benchmarks will continually evolve year on year as performance objectives are achieved and in response to ongoing customer feedback. 

The Moreton Bay Region is broken into four areas:

  • north / coastal
  • central / west
  • corridor / peninsula
  • south.

Development Services initiatives

  1. Better communication standards
  2. Third party certification for Plan sealing and Operational works
  3. Simplified fees and charges
  4. Pre-lodgement advice
  5. Electronic development application lodgement
  6. Online fee calculator
  7. Incentivising infill development

Strategic Planning initiatives

  1. A contemporary planning scheme including rolling planning scheme amendments
  2. Establishment of an industry reference group
  3. Launch of the Data Hub / Open data portal
  4. Introduction of map challenge process
  5. Land supply monitoring program
  6. Structure planning process for Emerging community areas.