Residential driveway crossover

A driveway crossover is a constructed access crossing connecting a property boundary with the carriageway (i.e.: the portion of the driveway located within the road reserve - outside the property boundary). Property owners are responsible for the construction, maintenance, alteration and repair of driveway crossovers.  Their responsibility includes where the driveway crosses the kerb, constructed footpath, water course, drain or drainage easement.

The locations and design requirements for the construction of, or alteration to an existing driveway crossover are stipulated within the Dwelling House Code and Planning Scheme Policy of the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme.

Where a proposed driveway crossover meets the accepted development requirements, MBRC grants permission to carry out the associated work on the road reserve or on Council owned land.

Driveway crossover does not meet accepted development requirements

If your proposed driveway crossover does not meet the accepted development requirements, you will need to complete a concurrence agency referral application(PDF, 719KB) and pay the relevant fee.

Driveway crossover construction must not commence until written approval from Council has been received.