Plumbing application lodgement


Step 1.Have completed application handy

Have your completed application, plans and other supporting documentation as individual electronic files, ready to upload to the online form.

Step 2.Register and sign in

Register (if applicable) and sign in to eServices.

Step 3.Lodge application

Payment by MasterCard or Visa is required at the time of lodgement

Step 4.Successful submission

Once processed an email verifying the details submitted will be sent. 

The receipt will be issued in the name of the signed in user.

In person

Step 1.Take completed application

Completed application form with plans and other supporting documentation.

Step 2.Visit one of the following

Customer Service Centres

Plumbing checklist and fee schedule

Review the plumbing checklist and fee schedule(PDF, 238KB).

Testing and commissioning plumbing and drainage work

Under Section 22 and Schedule 5 of the standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulations 2003 the approved person must complete the Compliance report after they have test and commission plumbing and drainage work, and must be completed prior to a compliance certificate being issued.

Complete Compliance report(PDF, 106KB) and submit to Council.