Certificate of classification

Section 114(3) of the Building Act 1975 requires building owners to obtain a Final Certificate for all Commercial Building Approvals (this includes commercial and residential units) prior to the occupation or use of the building.  

It is also a requirement under section 108A of the Building Act (where a certificate of classification has been given for the building on or after 1 July 1997); that requires building owners to ensure the Certificate of Classification (for a class 1b to 9 building) is displayed as near as practicable to the main entrance of the building.    

Where the premises are occupied by multiple tenants (e.g. a shopping centre), and the tenants have each obtained a Certificate for their fit-out or other works, these Certificates will need to be displayed in addition to the Certificate for the building itself.

Penalties are enforceable under the Building Act for failing to obtain and display a Certificate of Classification.

Authorised persons can request a copy of a certificate of classification by completing the Building plumbing records request application(PDF, 692KB) and paying the relevant fee.