Building plans and information

Council provides plans and reports for building and plumbing applications that have been submitted to Council for most properties.

Authorised persons can request copies of files/reports from these records to assist them with renovating, alterations, commercial fit outs, placing a new structure or to provide finalisation proof for fire regulations.

Council also provides plans that identify the location of mains infrastructure for Council assets, connection points, commercial fittings and their locations. To request plans, complete the Building plumbing records request application(PDF, 692KB) by selecting the plan/s required and pay the relevant fee.

You may need to provide proof of ownership, letter from the property owner or if you are purchasing the property, a copy of the signed Contract of Sale.  Fees charged are for the search of Council records and are payable whether information is retrievable or not.  Consequently, there will be no refunds in the event the search was not successful. There is a disclaimer on the form which must be signed.

As constructed stormwater, household drainage and approved building envelope plans can also be requested by completing an online application.  There is a disclaimer that must be agreed to when lodging the form electronically.

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Private building certifiers

Private building certifiers requesting copies of plans, infrastructure information and documents applicable to a property must complete a Private certifier - request for building information application (Form 19).

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