Joy Connection

Joy Connection

Inspiring creative experiences for your wellbeing across the Moreton Bay Region.

Active participation in arts and culture leads to improvements in personal wellbeing and social cohesion. The Joy Connection program provides a diverse selection of workshops and activities to encourage active participation and provide a safe and gentle entrée into arts and culture. No previous experience is required and there are many intergenerational workshops so everyone from young kids to grandparents can join in.

Choose from a range of inspiring experiences across three streams: music, movement and making. The 2023 program features creative nature collage, body percussion, Bhangra and much more to ignite creative sparks across the Moreton Bay Region. There are many activities where the whole family can get involved and try something new.

Join us for the Joy Connection finale at Scarborough Beach Park at 9:30 AM on Sunday 29 January to celebrate a month of creative experiences for wellbeing.

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