Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman

Title: The Pod 2022

Artist statement

The dolphin is a recognisable symbol of the Redcliffe peninsula, often seen in the bay, and is also the mascot for the local rugby league club who will play their first season in the NRL in 2023. I am interested in the connection between sport, culture and pattern.

My artwork The Pod is based on a previous painted work which combines the features of the football, the dolphin, and the colours of the Redcliffe Dolphins guernsey. The blue pod connects the location of the lagoon and the bay. The oval form is a nod to the shape of a football, the central object of connection and forward sequence for a team. The arrangement of the pod creates an energetic pattern, moving forward like a team in a unified progression. 

Location of artwork

Settlement Cove Lagoon, Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe QLD 4020.